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Handy Annotated Bibliography Writing Tips: Easy Way to High Grades

bibliography writing tips March 21, 2017

A list presenting the sources (books, websites, articles, etc.) used for exploring a particular subject is called a bibliography. Depending on the formatting style, it is sometimes named as “Works Cited” or “References”. A bibliography provides such bibliographic details about each entry as its author, title, publisher, publication date, etc. An annotation summarizes information provided by a specific source. In its turn, an annotated bibliography presents the entry you are referring to when writing your pap...

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Coursework Writing Tips for a Perfect Paper

Coursework Writing Tips March 01, 2017

Each assignment that you receive from your professors at some point during the studying process is aimed at testing a specific set of skills. An exam and academic coursework are both targeted at checking knowledge at the end of a certain class. The difference between the two is that the timespan given for the fulfillment of the latter is much longer meaning that the standards, as well as the teacher’s expectations regarding it, are much higher as compared to the exam. Consequently, to succeed, you should be well versed in the subject and find out as much as possible about coursework w...

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Writing Your First Job Resume with No Experience

Writing First Job Resume February 20, 2017

How do you feel while writing your first resume? It is not an easy process, is it? But this daunting challenge is not as terrible as one can imagine. Mostly, recruiters spend around 6 seconds reviewing a resume to decide whether candidates are likely to work in the company. Do you really know what to include and what not to include in your first resume? The lack of hard rules on how to write a resume even deteriorates the situation.  If you want to write a resume with no work experience, follow these preliminary guidelines to achieve success. ...

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How to Rewrite an Essay

How to Rewrite an Essay February 02, 2017

Rewriting an essay enables one to rectify mistakes that might have been made. In essence, we can say that rewriting means writing well where one might have gone wrong. In our entire college career, we always find that it was very rare for one to be given an option to rewrite a paper. Therefore, ones given that opportunity, it is highly recommended that we grab that opportunity and try as much as possible to improve on the paper in question. Presenting a rewrite always strengthen one's writing skills and also improves class average and eventually shows your professo...

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Pop Culture essay

pop culture essay January 17, 2017

Pop Culture Nowadays We are living in a period characterized by diverse, awesome, addictive, and incessant entertainment in the sphere of pop culture. In simple terms, pop culture can be defined as a blend of ideas, images, attitudes, and perspectives that characterize a given culture and are adored by the mainstream population. It also encompasses what is trending among the mainstream population. The modern pop culture commenced with the baby boomers who influenced the pop culture revolution through their disposable income. Some of the popular categories of pop c...

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