What Is Revising in Writing?

What is revising in writing? Is revision essential or should it be avoided? EliteWritings.com experts tend to work meticulously, following all the significant stages of the writing process.

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Logically, these stages include:

  • brainstorming (especially in creative writing where innovative sharp-witted ideas are greatly appreciated);
  • researching (which is integral for academic, popular science, and scientific works);
  • outlining the most relevant issues;
  • drafting (creating preliminary drafts, as not all ideas will be used in the final papers, but it is important to discern mediocre notions from the central concepts);
  • editing (making the worked polished in terms of context, grammar, and format);
  • revising.

Two Types of Revision Accomplished by Our Writers

  1. Inclusive Revision

This type of revision is a part of the writing process as a whole. Before uploading the completed order into the system, the writer responsible for your essays immerses in revision. It entails all the possible modifications and corrections of the previously written content. It may happen that after completing the research, the writer discovers more veritable facts, so he decides to add it to the written paper to make the whole investigation even more comprehensive. In some cases, after the initial writer’s revision, the author realizes that certain sentences should be deleted or rewritten anew.


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This revision is the final construction of the author’s thoughts. It is necessary to make sure that the writer did his or her best when working with a given topic. Apparently, a thorough revision definitely improves the paper, so that the composition becomes thought-provoking and readable, having the required tone and reflecting the most appropriate style. The aim of decent revising is to make the piece fully comprehensible to the target audience.

This way, only after the writer’s revision, the work is passed to the Editing Department, where it is checked for the probable typos, contextual issues, formatting mistakes, and misused grammar (speaking of which it can be said that our professional writers rarely make grammar mistakes, but any text, even a well-written one, needs special polishing by the eagle-eyed editor).

  1. Revision on Demand

Usually, the uploaded work remains the final version, obtaining positive feedback from customers, who express their appreciation by becoming our returning clients. We cannot upload an unfinished essay, as it is our responsibility to produce an impeccable composition that has gone through various stages of writing and proofreading. Hence, we go the extra mile to craft a decent text according to the client’s needs. However, such creative work does not reflect a stable phenomenon.

Sometimes, professors, business managers, or mass media supervisors come up with additional requirements that should be inevitably included in your essay, article, or any subsequent manuscript. We can find out about the supplementary details after the paper is already uploaded.

Occasionally, our clients ask for VIP revision due to this very reason. It rarely happens when the work should be revised because the customer is dissatisfied with it. Despite your reason for essay revision, we have not excluded this revision service, and it is guaranteed to be free of charge if you request your paper revision within 48 hours after it was completed by our professional team.

Thus, once you see the order on your profile, you should start reading it without delay to understand whether everything is fine or whether the extra revision is needed. Besides, you have to pay attention to the revision option as a VIP client. If you purchase all the package of VIP writing services, you get the chance to extend the revision time span to 4 days!

In case you need your research paper or literary effort to be revised, you have to send us your constructive recommendations about how to improve the order content. Keep in mind: the additional instructions should thematically coincide with the initial paper requirements, as you cannot request the creation of a separate text about something else.

Behind the Scenes of the Revision Process

When our experts immerse in revision upon the request of our clients, we do our best to improve your content or present the additional details as smoothly as possible within the formerly written composition. It requires extra composing by writers and proofreading by editors. As the final goal is to make a readable paper that reflects all the fundamental notions regarding the assigned subject, our specialists get involved in the following creative steps:

  1. Eradication of typos

A professional always uses a peculiar method of checking the text for typos and spelling errors – he reads the creative work, starting from the end. It helps to assess each separate sentence independently, not focusing on the context but specific mistakes.

  1. Avoidance of excessive colloquialisms and tautology

Certain idioms and slang can be used in some types of writings – informal texts, literary pieces, specific blogs. Nevertheless, colloquial language is ineligible in academic and business writing. On the contrary, a tautology is unwelcome in any kind of writing, as it only reflects your lack of knowledge, eloquence, and the ability to form meaningful sentences.

  1. Work with decent punctuation

What writers may not notice, editors will always see, and this thought is directly related to punctuation. You may be surprised to find out that punctuation revision occurs more frequently than it seems. Sometimes, commas are greatly misused, while other important punctuation marks, such as ellipsis and en-dash, are rarely used when needed. Flawless punctuation makes your essay even more comprehensible. It only highlights the elegance of the English language.

  1. Choosing relevant quotations

Even when the text seems to be wonderfully written at first glance, only a scrupulous revisor will notice that some quotations are out of place. In some instances, citations should be replaced with more relevant or insightful ones. We also check whether some quotes should be better paraphrased than cited directly. Therefore, your essay is not satiated with an abundance of quotes instead of the vivid examples of your analytical thinking.

Client's Review

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  1. Revision of formatting

It can happen that the text is written seamlessly, but suddenly, your professor says that it could have been produced according to the rules of a different academic style. For example, you told us to write according to MLA standards, but the task was actually to follow the rules of APA. This transformation may not be radical. However, if you do not pay attention to the required format, your grade will be lowered without a serious reason.

  1. Making lengthy paragraphs shorter and minimizing highfalutin language

It is always much more beneficial to construct succinct sentences, especially if it is easy to divide one extensive sentence into two. Being laconic does not affect even the most creative writing unless it should be intentional avant-garde prose that embodies some figurative language challenge with sporadic punctuation marks. Yet, wordiness and long sentences, more often than not, make your content ambiguous and poorly readable. Therefore, unless you create a piece of weird fiction, you should not misuse thesaurus when producing a common essay.

Now, dear client, you know why revision is important. We genuinely strive to create the most refined written compositions. Become our VIP customer and discover all the secrets of our industrious linguistic realm!