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The provision of high-quality services is our priority and we would strive to pay equal levels of attention to every client. However, certain tasks are more complicated and time-consuming, which requires a higher level of interaction. While every customer gets an amazing experience when ordering a custom essay from – the realm of pencraft professionalism, some clients need an exclusive support around the clock. You will find out how to cooperate with us in the most fruitful way if you order VIP Support.

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VIP Support vs Regular Support

Let us disclose the evident discrepancies of our Regular Support and our special VIP Support.

Ordinary Support

  1. You place an order and we choose any available writer to work with your project.
  2. We answer only your urgent questions regarding the order.
  3. You can call us only using a regular phone line or Customer Care chat on our website.
  4. You cannot interact with your writer personally.
  5. An ordinary client does not receive messages on special discounts and promo codes.
  6. A regular client does not receive special notifications.
  7. You do not choose a Top Editor.
  8. Your text is checked for plagiarism, but you do not receive an authenticity report.

VIP Support

  1. Your order is assigned to one of our Top Writers. You are also able to choose your preferred author.
  2. You are allowed to address both our Support Team and your individual writer at any time around the clock to discuss the additional points in your paper or the necessary amendments.
  3. You will have access to a special phone line specifically created for VIP clients.
  4. You can interact with your Top Writer at any time, choosing any convenient means of communication.
  5. A VIP client receives individual messages with special offers and private promo codes that can be applied only to the specific orders of VIP customers.
  6. As a VIP client, you can choose to get notified about the stages of the writing process of your ordered text. You will know when your writer starts working with your order, when he or she scrutinizes the bibliography, includes supplementary material, and completes your paper. You can also be informed about the editing process.
  7. A VIP Client can choose a Top Editor who works only with complicated, exceptionally creative material.
  8. If you are interested, we can send you a plagiarism detection report of your order as an indispensable evidence that your paper was written from scratch.

VIP Support Features

Individualized Approach

If you buy VIP support services, you will indulge in the highest level of customer support you have ever imagined. The most essential thing is that you will appreciate is the way we value your privacy. You will even get an exclusive phone line and a separate email to address our technical team or your personal writer. Even if your inquiry is of complex technical nature, a VIP client has the right to receive such information. Therefore, we even address our advanced developers to answer your questions.

In case of any force majeure or procedural failures, you will be the first one who will be addressed regarding the issue along with the excuse in the form of a special Bonus. Any updates and personalized discounts are included in this option, so you will be the first one to receive promo codes. Moreover, you will be informed about all the writing stages of your order.

Availability Around the Clock Owing to Personal Client Manager

Despite being in different time zones, we will assist you whenever you need our help or advice. Although regular customers also get round-the-clock support, your questions will be highly prioritized. Our VIP Support team also assigns you with a Personal Client Manager who will be able to delve into your issues scrupulously until the problem is solved, ensuring your satisfaction. This Customer Manager can be addressed at any time. The main benefit is that each VIP client has an individual manager. Hence, different customers’ inquiries will not intersect, which guarantees utmost attention to details of only one order, not several ones.

Client's Review

"It was the task for a front-end project that predetermined my primary career achievements. I was afraid of doing it on my own, but that writing platform get me the right path!"

reviewed EliteWritings on September 3, 2020, via Trustpilot Click to see the original review on an external website.

VIP Authors Revealed

While Top 10 Writers is a separate option of VIP services, our VIP Support will inform you how many authors of the state-of-the-art category are available at the moment you place your order. Direct communication with your personal manager will help you choose the most suitable expert knowledgeable in the discipline you are involved in. later, you will be able to share all your ideas and suggestions with your VIP author personally.

The Best Editors Can be Requested

As this is another separate option of the best VIP support services to purchase online, how is it related to VIP Support? Similarly to Top Writers, your Top Editor can be chosen more exclusively if you address your VIP Support manager to discuss the required expertise, level of education, or specific field of study your editor should be knowledgeable about. We will select the most proficient editor who will correspond to the level of knowledge of your writer. How will we do that? management team will address each potential proofreader personally to understand who suits your needs best. Owing to VIP services, you will not only get spick-and-span editing, but also an extended revision! Every bit of your order can be discussed with each responsible specialist!

Benefits of VIP Support

Our Customer Support Team works 24/7 and assures you that all inquiries will be processed immediately and promptly, be it an email, call, chat, or message inside the client’s profile. We are focused on supplying first-class services in all aspects. By using our VIP services, you can be confident that our support agents will pay close attention to your assignment in the first turn. We are sure that you will be pleased with the way your calls and emails are responded.

Moreover, you will see that our support agents are true professionals who are aimed at assisting you in solving any issues. Do not hesitate to contact the Support Team for any assistance – our agents can place an order for you, advise pricing options, etc. Try our VIP services and you will see that it is beneficial to deal with us!