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Why do you need plagiarism detection? Any written text must reflect a unique way of thinking of its author or independent investigations carried out using reputable published material. In fact, it is easier to commit plagiarism than you might think. A fiction writer may not notice where his main ideas (and especially their specific manner of expression) stem from, as he or she has various sources of inspiration – it often results in accidental plagiarism.

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A student may misuse bibliography, having failed to format citations and general references properly – it also easily turns into plagiarized content. There is also a peculiar kind of plagiarism when an individual presents his old work as his new intellectual achievement. It is called self-plagiarism – the copy of the previous research paper, article, or even the whole book (do not confuse it with the second edition, which is usually officially published).

Knowing how important it is to produce an original work not only based on your knowledge, experience, and any ideas that come to your head, we included Plagiarism Detection to our VIP services options. Apparently, when you hire an exclusive writer to produce an original work, it may seem that there is no need to scan such a paper for plagiarism as it is created from scratch anyway.

However, to be on the safe side, we scan each and every essay to exclude any linguistic coincidence, any contextual similarity. Sometimes, it happens that certain words and phrases are typically used within a given sphere. Thus, we scan even originally composed texts via authenticity detection tools to rewrite any word that coincided with the published material.

How Can You Use Our Plagiarism Detection Tool as a Client? cooperates with a cutting-edge plagiarism scanner that allows you to check even words for free, but those submissions are limited and do not reflect the whole potential of the software. By ordering the services of our VIP plagiarism checker, you will be able to get a customized quote, covering the exact number of words you need to VIP plagiarism check – be it an ordinary academic article or a lengthy literary manuscript. It is always more beneficial to address us directly to find out how to order the most effective plagiarism detection that can be tailored specifically to the needs of your school, organization, or freelance occupation.

Plagiarism Tool and API Implementation for Academic and Business Needs

The essay plagiarism checker we use has a special feature not all the available similar tools possess: API integration. Owing to an innovative searching algorithm, it has become easier to discern miscellaneous amalgamations of sentences and even entire paragraphs that are placed in all the possible Internet resources and academic archives.

The API is specifically aimed at the integration with various learning management systems, such as Moodle and Thinkific, which are widely used by schools around the globe. It helps to make plagiarism detection more user-friendly and customized according to the requirements of a certain educational establishment or an organization. Therefore, our customers obtain in-depth reports that highlight levels of plagiarism and disclose web links from which the information was taken.

The Benefits You Enjoy When Using a Paper Writer Plagiarism Checker

Secure plagiarism check

Sometimes, our new customers worry about their privacy. Thus, it is important for them to know that there is no chance that the additional scanning of the written text will not include the original piece into any Internet databases. We are here to calm you down – none of this will happen! Once your text is checked, you will get your report and you will be able to store it on your PC and delete it from our Storage where it will be kept only temporarily.

Searching against billions of web resources

You may not believe it, but the truth is that your work will be checked against billions of Internet pages, online and offline archives. While some coincidences may be not significant, they are allowed as they practically reflect the same words found within different contexts not related to yours.

Levels of plagiarism conveniently highlighted

As a VIP client, you will be able to see more detailed reports where each level of plagiarism is presented using a different color. In your exclusive report, every plagiarized sentence will be highlighted along with all the links that show how many times those sentences were published. Besides, there is an option to exclude citations, which is very convenient when you need to cite direct quotes of other authors.

Quotation tip: When you quote someone, you should not distort an original text by adding your ideas or remarks. One quotation should not be too lengthy unless your task allows the inclusion of extensive citations. Sometimes, when inserting a lengthy quote, you may forget to add closing quotation marks and it will result in unintentional plagiarism.

Only the Percentage of Accidental Similarities Can be Acceptable

Obviously, you are the lucky one if your scanned work shows 0% of plagiarism. However, there is also an acceptable percentage of plagiarism that does not influence your grade or writer’s rate. Some coincidences entail the depiction of common phenomena or popular issues that cannot be called differently. Certain words should not be paraphrased as their meaning could be distorted.

Even editors of renowned journals accept articles of authors with “feigned plagiarism” that can be up to 7%. On the contrary, some proofreaders say that 5% of plagiarism should be the acceptable threshold. Likewise, professors of different educational institutions tend to lower students’ marks even for well-written essays when the plagiarism score is more than 10%.

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Levels of Plagiarism: Unacceptable, Average, and Insignificant

  1. The apparent red flag is when plagiarism reaches from 60% to 100%. It means that the work was poorly cited or stolen. The text with such a serious level of plagiarism should be rewritten without reservation.
  2. An average level of plagiarism is when about 30% of the text is obviously taken from previously explored and published material. If you do not rewrite it, your grade will be lower than expected.
  3. In some cases, even 15% of plagiarism is tolerable. However, it does not guarantee that your grade will be excellent.

Consequently, it is better to produce works, which, after being scanned through advanced plagiarism detection tools, will be authentic.

You may be fortunate to experience all the perks of meticulous plagiarism detection if you order the whole package of our VIP Services!