Types of CVs Every Job Seeker Must Know

types of cv

Translated from Latin, CV or Curriculum Vitae signifies “course of life.” Nowadays, CV is a summary of a job applicant’s basic information, including contact details, educational background, employment and achievement history. Writing good CVs is an essential skill of a modern job applicant that significantly fastens the process of job search.

Learn the characteristics of the major types of CVs

Chronological CV

It is the most widely used format of CVs. It will be perfect for a person who did not change workplaces often and whose career developed in one industry.

When applicable:

  1. You do not want to change your career that progressed in one industry, or you are looking for better conditions or promotion.
  2. There were no gaps in your employment history.
  3. You want to underline your workplaces rather than your achievements.

Functional resume format

This type of CV aims to underline your career achievements, skills, and professional knowledge while keeping your workplaces in the background. It will be suitable for a person who wants to change his/her career dramatically.

When applicable:

  1. You want to pursue your career in a different field.
  2. There are gaps in your employment history.
  3. You are a college/university graduate having no experience in the chosen field.
  4. You want to persuade your employer that your skills qualify for a vacancy despite the fact that you lack experience.

Combined CV

The major characteristic of this CV type is that it unites the peculiarities of both chronological and functional formats, making the CV longer and more “informationally saturated.

When applicable:

  1. If you want to outline both professional skills and your former workplaces.
  2. If you aim to underline skills that other people may not possess.
  3. If you want to add importance to your skills while writing chronological CV.
  4. You apply for executive or managerial positions.
  5. You have considerable experience in the industry.

Choosing the CV format that best highlights your professional advantages is the key to success when searching for a job. Use these tips on writing good CVs ,and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

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