VIP Proofreading and Editing Services guarantees high quality of a written composition tailored according to any academic standards. Hence, even if you are not our VIP client, you should not worry about the value of your work – it will impress your professor or boss anyway.

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Nevertheless, if you order VIP proofreading and editing option, we will handle your work to a specifically competent editor in the given field. Indeed, a writer responsible for your order is also an expert in a certain discipline or creative area that reflects your needs. However, even professional authors send their oeuvres to editors, as it is quintessential to look at composition, especially the one of high importance, from a fresh perspective.

At, we treat editing process as if you are “Stephen King”, and we are not allowed to make mistakes. Our ultimate editors pay serious attention to every word they edit, never changing or distorting the context and structure of the required work. The editing process is scrupulous – it can be compared to turning rough diamonds into polished gems. Hence, after your “written diamond” is sent for intellectual polishing, it will definitely shine in the end as an unequivocal work of art.

What Does Editing Process Entail?

When your professional editor sets about his work, he immerses in a meticulous revision of the first draft handed by a writer. The first step is to read the text attentively to comprehend how many nuances are yet to be corrected. Sometimes, the paper seems perfect at first glance. However, even if grammar and spelling are splendid, an eagle-eyed editor easily notices when your text lacks coherence or does not reflect the topic to the fullest.

In this case, a proofreader should go even further than it is initially expected from this kind of job – he has to add his ideas to the written piece, not altering the flow of the writer’s language and seamlessly imitating his manner of expression. Our VIP editors immerse in tight cooperation with writers, constructing the best possible work for the client.


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As a result, your essay or literary piece becomes not only interesting in terms of the expressed ideas, but it reflects clarity and consistency, as well as impeccable grammar and smooth structure. Owing to our impressive linguistic connoisseurs, you also learn the secrets of diligent writing, which helps you to improve the readability of your other compositions you may choose to create independently.

What Is the Quintessence of VIP Proofreading and Editing?

If you are a striving author, you can also address our Editing Department to proofread your creations. This option may be even more cost-effective than addressing editing agencies strictly aimed at unpublished writers. Logically, if you want your work to get published, you need to introduce yourself to the best of your abilities. Your written piece should reflect your mastery. Sometimes, even established authors tend to overestimate their skills and send extremely “unpolished gems of pencraft” to the editors, who decline such works without missing a beat.

In the academic world, be you a freshman, a post-graduate student, or even a young scholar, you also need decent proofreaders for various kinds of your academic assignments to receive excellent grades or scientific articles to get published in scholarly journals.

Our Customers Need Editing that Reflects Different Purposes

Editing Academic Works

You can choose this type of essay editing and proofreading when you need to get your regular essay, special student project, survey, research paper, term paper, or the whole dissertation proofread by professionals. This option is not only for students. Professors also get their scholarly articles edited by our competent staff.

Client's Review

"It was the task for a front-end project that predetermined my primary career achievements. I was afraid of doing it on my own, but that writing platform get me the right path!"

reviewed EliteWritings on September 3, 2020, via Trustpilot Click to see the original review on an external website.

Editing Texts of Foreigners

If English is not your mother tongue, you may need editing in order to make your text sound as if it was written by еру genuine Englishman. You may not know certain nuances of English word usage, but the majority of our employees are native speakers, so they will readily help you.

Editing Manuscripts

Such works are usually not composed by ghost writers, as every author of fiction or non-fiction wants to express his own ideas and, consequently, become recognizable as a writer. Nevertheless, you can get your literary piece polished by our editors, who are specifically knowledgeable in literature, arts, and culture. You can confidently send us your manuscript, upcoming book, or even poetry collection for in-depth literary editing.

Editing Business Documents

Many of our corporate clients request editing of corporate reports, press releases, promotion campaigns, white papers, and other business-related documents. Our VIP writers also complete such papers from scratch, and then their works are handed to editors competent in business affairs.

Editing CVs and Job Applications

If you want to land the job of your dreams, it is apparent that you need a well-polished CV and application letter to get hired. This mission can also be accomplished both by our writers and editors.

Editing Personal Letters

Sometimes, personal letters are of utmost significance and even irrelevant mistakes are better avoided. We will eagerly edit your personal letters and emails, and we promise you to keep your privacy behind seven locks.

VIP Editing Guarantees

Editors as Professionals of Their Craft

All the editors who work at are rigorously selected specialists, who have Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in miscellaneous trendy spheres. When you order a VIP Editing service, we will assign an editor who knows anything about the required sphere.

Editing at Lighting Speed

While writing processes usually take more time, our VIP editors are able to work swiftly, polishing even complicated compositions within a few hours. Of course, the complexity and number of pages of the initial work determine the speed at which the editing will be accomplished.

Quality at an Advanced Level

99% of our customers have remained satisfied with our writing and editing services. After a VIP editing is completed, it is almost impossible to get unsatisfactory feedback. High quality of editing is explained by the fact that our editors are writers and researchers themselves. Therefore, professionals will not let you down!

Submitting a well-written order is a must for, but the extra check is always appreciated. When utilizing our VIP services, you can be certain that your work will be edited and proofread by one of our highly experienced specialists. When working on your paper, our editor will make sure it is free from any errors and meets the set academic criteria. Our Editorial Department will carefully compare your order instructions against the completed paper and upload a polished paper without any mistakes.