Transformers: The Last Knight


Fans should be pleased to hear that tansformers the last knight is on the way. Paramount Pictures is due to release this latest addition to the Transformers franchise in June 2017. It will be available in 2D and 3D as well as in IMAX 3D format.

The Story

In finding his now-dead home planet, a place called Cyberton, Optimus Prime also finds he has had some involvement in killing. He devises a means of reviving the planet, but to implement his plan, an artefact from planet Earth is needed.

So, in this – the fifth offering in the cartoon/toy-inspired Transformers franchise – it seems Optimus will be the greatest enemy of the Autobots.
As before, transformers the last knight is produced by Paramount Pictures, the director is Michael Bay, and it is due for release on 23 June 2017.
The latest transformers the last knight trailer gives a little more insight into what movie-goers can expect. Indeed, the beginning shows us that the Transformers were types of medieval knights in the time of King Arthur and, during that time, they built a relationship of trust with earth-dwellers.

An item vital to the Transformers’ existence was left on Earth at that time (something, it seems, called energon, a type of revivable transformer). It would appear this item has some bearing on the regular visits the Transformers make to Earth. In any case, whatever the nature of this mysterious object, the fate of humans is not a concern for the Transformers in their efforts to retrieve it.

Once, and perhaps still, optimus prime as the epitome of good guy (or Transformer), leads the retrieval attack upon planet Earth to get back the coveted object. Previously, Optimus showed himself eager to cooperate with humans for the benefit of both forms of life. However, his eyes are now purple, which gives the impression he is not his usual self. Now seemingly turned bad, is Optimus a serious threat or is this simply a way of luring viewers into another “same-type” Transformer movie?

In this persona of rogue, optimus prime is capable of more harm that Megatron – the villain of Deception. This last trailer indicates he seems set to destroy Bumblebee (his trusted robot). Human ally, Autobot Cade Yeager (portrayed by Mark Wahlberg), refuses to believe Optimus has become a “baddie” and stands between him and Bumblebee.

As part of the live-action transformers film series, Transformers 5 (or Transformers 5: The Last Knight to give it its full title) promises to be another action-packed science fiction movie based on the Hasbro line of toys. Its anticipated release in summer 2017 marks the latest in a series of five movies and it is a straight sequel to the last one entitled “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

It is known that Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci will resume their respective roles from that movie. The new movie additionally features Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, and Josh Duhamel, all of whom appeared in the three first movies. Michael Bay is the film’s director and this outing is the final in this particular Bay-directed franchise.

A Word on the Production of Transformers 5

Movie/Storyline Development

With speculation about the list of transformers film series characters rife, it was reported by in March of 2015 that Paramount was discussing ideas for future Transformers movies with Akiva Goldsman (Oscar award winner – a Beautiful Mind). The movie studio seemed to intend following the format James Cameron and the 20th Century Fox studios used for the three new sequels to Avatar, and the format Disney is using to resurrect Star Wars with spin-offs and sequel movies. Paramount’s intention would appear to be to develop a cinematic universe for the Transformers franchise i.e. in a similar manner to the Marvel/Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe (an earlier film series of Paramount's) and similar to DC Extended Universe (Warner Brothers). Working with Michael Bay (director) as well as producers Steven Spielberg and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the plan would involve Goldsman heading up future Transformers projects. This team would set up a “writer’s/ideas room” for developing ideas for possible prequels, sequels, and spin-offs. As well as the afore-mentioned, this “ideas” team would also include Andrew Barrer, Lindsey Beer, Gabriel Ferrari (of Ant-Man fame), Christina Hodson, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, Robert Kirkman (of the Walking Dead), Ken Nolan, Jeff Pinkner (of Amazing Spider-Man 2), and Geneva Robertson-Dworet. After just a day Kirkman had to leave the group for surgery on his throat. In July of 2015, it was announced that Goldsman and Pinkner would be the movie’s screenwriters, but the former had many other commitments, namely her involvement in GI Joe’s writer’s room and likewise for Micronauts properties. Therefore, in November of that year, Paramount Pictures began negotiations with Matt Holloway, Art Marcum and Ken Nolan to develop the film’s script.

The provider of the optimus prime voice, Peter Cullen said in response to a fan’s question about the future of the Transformers franchise that he felt he brought certain concerns to the writers and the studio. He suggested that the fifth and sixth instalments might return more to the movie’s roots. As the voice of Optimus Prime in a number of the movies, Cullen recalled the fourth film (Age of Extinction) in particular and referenced one line he instinctively did not want to utter on the character’s behalf. However, he was forced to utter it by the film’s makers, who he says you “cannot fight.”

After the fourth transformers film, Bay decided he would not direct any further films in the franchise. However, in a Rolling Stone interview in early 2016, Bay confirmed he would be directing this fifth (and his last) Transformers instalment. With filming taking place in Michigan, it is estimated that Paramount’s production costs will reach $80 million. In return, the studio will receive $21 million from the now-abolished state’s film incentives program since the studio entered into an agreement for the Transformers before this program ended in July of 2015.

The Cast

In December of 2014, Mark Wahlberg made it known that he would return for the fifth film. Casting calls were issued in February of 2016 in London and Los Angeles for new leading roles and new supporting roles. An estimated 850 people will be hired to make up the film’s cast and its crew, of whom 450 (including over 220 full-time positions) would be residents of Michigan state.

Transformers 5: Special Effects

As was the case with the earlier movies, transformers 5 will rely on Industrial Light & Magic for its special effects. This company showed Michael Bay a rendering of an alien spaceship crash-landed underwater as well as a newly-devised cloak-clad dumper-truck Transformer.

Movie Release

The date scheduled for the release of “Transformers 5: The Last Knight” is 23 June 2017. The film’s most recent trailer (or teaser) was made available early in December 2016, attached to a Star Wars “Rogue One” trailer.

With the transformers 5 release date imminent, it is reported that movie makers spend US $13,000 or UK £10,000 ($13,000) each day for the two weeks of shooting. The current owner of the publicly-accessible house – the 12th Duke of Marlborough, Jamie Spencer-Churchill - is a distant relation of Sir Winston Churchill.

Transformers Spin-Offs and Sequels

On 8 June next year (2018) a Bumblebee Transformers-inspired spin-off is due for release while Transformers 6 is expected on 28 June the year after (2019).

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