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Ordering a cheap dissertation literature review help in our custom writing company you will be satisfied with the process of our cooperation and the final outcome. One of the guarantees of your satisfaction with the literature review is your clear understanding of what a literature review in a dissertation is, and what is required to complete this assignment. Your understanding will make the collaboration process easy and fruitful. Thus, we have developed a dissertation literature review guide, which will help you get the most important aspect of a literature review in a Ph.D. dissertation or a Master thesis.

Dissertation Literature Review Writing Services: Tips for Writing

Seeking assistance from dissertation literature review writing services, students usually omit the information about the task itself they want to buy. Our professional dissertation writers have developed a guide for you on how to write a literature review. Use it as tips for writing your best review ever.

What is a literature review?

A literature review is a critical analysis of the sources related to the topic with the particular identification of a gap in knowledge in the field. It is essential to understand that a literature review is not a mere summary of the information in the sources, but a critical review of the information in the source with the reference to your personal interpretation and opinion of other scholars. A literature review may raise some polemic studies, which do not have a final conclusion or refer to the sources, which have the same outcome.

What is a literature review purpose?

The main purpose of the literature review is to critique the information on the topic and indicate the gap, which may help define the focus of research and further study in the field.

What are the literature review elements?

The major elements of the literature review are the in-text citations and the critical assessment of the sources, not a simple summary, but the interpretation of the findings of the studies and their application to the topic in focus. The interpretation of the findings requires the analysis of several sources with the studies in the same field and their further synthesis and proper presentation. Moreover, the literature review should contain some themes, as the sources included in the studies should be analyzed with the reference to some major themes and smaller sub-themes. Thus, the use of subheadings in the literature review in the final paper for a doctorate is a must.


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What is a literature review structure?

There is no set structure of a literature review as in most cases you will use the themes and sub-themes related to your particular field of interest. However, getting down to your literature review you may choose among the approaches to writing, such as thematic, chronological, methodological, and theoretical one. The choice of an approach will affect your writing style. If you will write a lengthy literature review, you may wish to use a combination of the approaches.

  1. The theoretical approach presupposes the reference to some particular theories, where a researcher refers the other sources to this selected model.
  2. The methodological approach requires the selection of the sources where the same research question was studied with the use of different methodologies. It is a good choice to apply both qualitative and quantitative findings to the same question; it helps consider the theme in more detail and from different perspectives.
  3. The thematic approach means that you should divide the major topic into smaller subsections, which should also be divided into smaller sub-themes. Such an approach is the most frequently used one because it helps focus on the problem and divide it into smaller themes. Such a strategy helps to study the issue deeper.
  4. The chronological approach helps to understand how the vision of the problem has changed over time. It is essential not to simply summarize the sources, but to critically assess the changes, which have taken place in the vision on the problem.

Tips for Writing a Literature Review

  • Conduct substantial research and find the sources related to your topic of interest. Study each source and create some bibliography having divided the sources into themes to make further writing easier.
  • Reading abstracts only is not enough, you must study the articles themselves as only in this case you will have a clear vision of what takes place in the field of your study. Some sources will be less important, while others will be more substantial and will have references throughout the text.
  • Develop an outline having indicated the themes and subthemes you will discuss in your review. It is a good idea to write statements in full sentences, not simply one-two words. It will give you a better idea of what you were thinking about while reading the sources. Moreover, you may wish to list the sources under each of the statements to make your writing easier.
  • Write your dissertation. There is no set length of the literature review and everything depends on the other sections. Moreover, the extent of the topic’s broadness and the information you have managed to find related to the problem also define the length of your literature review.
  • Always proofread and edit your literature review. Professional writers recommend editing the paper in a day or two. It will give you an opportunity to view your literature review from a fresh perspective. Never skip this stage, especially in a doctorate paper.
  • Give the file someone to read. Such a strategy allows considering your literature review from another angle. Another person may see the flows you have not seen. You may also serve as a reader for the components of a thesis for some students.

Literature Revise vs. Annotated Bibliography

One of the major confusions people have is understanding the difference between the literature review and the annotated bibliography. Here are some major differences between the literature review and the annotated bibliography which may help you find the clue:

  1. A literature review is a critical analysis of the sources and the interpretation of the findings with the reference to the main research topic, while an annotated bibliography is a summary of the sources with the statement of how they may be used to support the research topic.
  2. The literature review is arranged as a flow text with in-text citations, while an annotated bibliography is a sequence of references with short paragraphs. In other words, a literature review is a smooth essay-like text, while an annotated bibliography is a list of sources.
  3. A literature review discusses a topic with the reference to the sources, while an annotated bibliography discusses the source itself, which is related to the particular theme.
  4. A literature review is written in the way how sources fit the discussion, while the annotated bibliography is usually arranged in alphabetical order according to the sources used.

Writing a comprehensive literature review is difficult. Moreover, it is a time-consuming procedure. Therefore, many students resort to a professional custom dissertation chapters writer for help.

Thesis Literature Review Writers

If you buy dissertation services, you may want to know some more information about the thesis literature review writers who will complete your paper. If you order our dissertation chapter writing help, you will get the writer with the following credentials:

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A Custom Dissertation Chapter 2: Reasons to Place an Order

There are many reasons why you should use custom dissertation chapter 2 writing services. The following list will help you make the final decision if you still have doubts about whether to buy dissertation writing services or to work on literature review writing yourself.

First of all, you need to remember that writing a literature review you have to search for many sources related to the problem, check their abstracts to select those which definitely fit your topic, and then study the whole articles themselves. It is important to remember that reading only abstracts is not enough. You have to understand and know the smallest details related to your topic, and it is possible only if you read all articles. It will take much time as the amount of articles may reach hundreds, if you write a literature review for a final project for a master’s degree. If you use our cheap dissertation literature review help, you will not have to spend time on research and writing. We will do this stage for you, and you will enjoy the collection of the most relevant sources summarized and critically appraised in your literature review.

Second, you may be lost and do not know where to start. One university database may not be enough, especially if your local database does not lead you to some global ones. Thus, you may search for access to the other databases, which may be complicated. If you use our custom writing services, you will not have to bother about databases, as our writers have access to the largest global databases and will search for the relevant literature there. You just have to inform us about the topic and the search preferences and will do the rest.

Third, writing a literature review as one of the dissertation chapters, you have to stick to highly professional academic level writing principles. If you decide to write a literature review yourself, you may be already exhausted with research and writing and may miss some mistakes. Our superior dissertation editing services can help you eliminate any possible grammar and stylistic mistakes. Our writers pay attention to the punctuation and other slightest issues which you may omit. This, even if you have decided to write the literature review for your dissertations without additional assistance, do not refuse professional editing services, which may considerably improve the quality of your writing.

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