David Beckham Biography essay

David Beckham Biography essay

Who is David Beckham? 

The name of David Beckham, the soccer star, is known to everyone just as well as the famous David Beckham style. His football talent became obvious the very moment he kicked the ball.
David Beckham was born in 1975, on the second day of May. His birthplace is London. His parents had nothing to do with sport, but they were English, which explains their amazing commitment to one of the most famous football teams – Manchester United. Together with his parents and two sisters he never missed an opportunity to support the favorite team. This is where Beckham’s love for football is rooted.

David Beckham career. How he became so successful?

Being only eleven years old, David won the Bobby Charlton Soccer Schools National Skills competition. Soon the officials of the MU team noticed the young promising player and Beckham joined the club. This is how David Beckham's career started. When he was sixteen, he enrolled himself for Manchester United as a trainee. In the year of 1995 he became the member of the team’s starting line-up. In 1999 the young footballer was among the top players of the national team.

It didn't take long for Backham to make a splash in English soccer. In 1997 the talented goal scorer was named Young Player of the Year by the Professional Footballers' Association. A year later he was one of the leading faces of England's World Cup team. The years in Manchester United proved to be extremely fruitful not only for the player himself, but for the team as well. His team became 1999 Champion of the Premiere League, the Champion of the Football Association Championship and the Champion of the Champions league. 4 years later, in 2003, David Beckham moved to Spain as Real Madrid had acquired him paying more than 50 million dollars. David Beckham's career was at its peak. Just at the same time the movie Bend it Like Beckham was released, and thanks to the David Beckham movie he became known in America. The year of 2007 was the year of Beckham’s greatest success. This was the year when Beckham family (David Beckham’s wife’s fashion business is said to have been one of the reasons) moved to the United States. David signed the contract with Los Angeles Galaxy.

David Beckham ended his brilliant football career in 2013 at the age of 38. Having retired, he remained in the history of the world soccer as one of the most outstanding players whose life deserves to be depicted in David Beckham movie.
The year before he retired, Beckham launched the line of men’s underwear for H&M Company. Not only has he been rated as one of the most highly paid football players, but also as one of the most stylish men of the world, demonstrating unrivaled David Beckham style.

The Beckham family: star wife Victoria Beckham and their kids.

Much can be said about the Beckhams. David Beckham’s wife is Victoria Adams, the former "Posh Spice" who is now the world known designer. The two met in 1997. Two years later the couple got married. The same year, in 1999, their son Brooklyn Joseph was born, the first of David Beckham's kids. David and Victoria have five children. In 2011 Harper Seven was born, the only girl among David Beckham's kids.
The Beckhams have always been considered to be an ideal couple, though there have been some news about their splitting up recently. The truth is that David Beckham always said that he would not have achieved anything if it wasn't for his wife's and children's support and inspiration.

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