Little-Known Best Movies on Netflix You Will Surely Enjoy Watching

best netflix movies

There are moments when all you need to be happy is to find a good movie and spend two hours living the lives of the characters. We offer you a list of high-rated movies that have received minimum 70 % score at Rotten Tomatoes and rating 7-10 at IMDb. However, we specialize in those films that have not received the largest box office revenues, so most probably, you know nothing about them.

7 Best Movies You Haven't Seen

7. Blue Ruin (2013)
If you are looking for a good movie to watch, Blue Ruin will definitely suit you well. A perfect drama about revenge with superb acting and striking visual effects will grab all of your attention.

6. Broken (2013)
Try watching the debut of a director Rufus Norris and the first steps of a promising actress Eloise Laurence. We are sure that their efforts will be fruitful. Feel the brutal tension, fear and relief at the end of the movie.

5. I Saw the Devil (2010)
This South Korean horror film with the flows of blood is a scary ride with a powerful psychological effect. Kidnapping and murder of a young woman make her fiancé take revenge on the murderers. Follow the National Intelligence Service secret service agent and feel the thrill.

4. Mr. Nobody (2009)
The artistic presentation of Nemo Nobody’s life is a story of the last person on the earth. It is a good film to watch for those who like indie classics with a great soundtrack, non-linear cinematography, innovative approaches, and unusual structure.

3. Headhunters (2012)
Headhunters is a good movie to watch for those who like dark humor and brutality. Surrealism, incredibly fast pace, slight insanity and nastiness are combined with a specific charm and bright emotions.

2. Detachment (2012)
Watch a poetic movie about an English Literature teacher in the poor urban areas. The film reveals hidden dark emotions and shows the good sides of life. It will make you think about your place in the world.

1. The Hunt (2013)
Enjoy the Danish thriller with unmatched performance. A story of a new teacher in a small town will haunt you for days. This is a thriller that you will never forget.

Use a list of popular movies and those extraordinary films that are not widely promoted yet and you will find the one that will make your day.

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