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EliteWritings.com embodies professionalism, which means that our written works are usually refined, reflecting all the scopes of creative thinking and the finest quality. As the majority of our clients represent high academic levels, we understand that our writers cannot be mediocre experts.

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Hence, we decided to amalgamate our striving of writing know-how with the relevant demands of our customers, who need impeccably tailored research papers. Our solution was to allow our VIP writers to enhance their skills as well as learn from the best ones. Each employee of EliteWritings.com knows: if a paper written from scratch is assessed as an excellent one, it makes them move toward the rating of VIP authors.

However, it is not enough to create only one decent paper. A writer has to prove that his or her success is not an accidental one. Accordingly, only after a variety of articles are composed without flaws, we award our authors, putting their names into the long-awaited category of pencraft connoisseurs called “Top 10 Writers”.

How to Become a VIP Writer?

Our VIP writers are selected after they complete at least 10 impeccable papers and obtain the most positive feedback from clients who ordered those papers. The feature of VIP Writer must not be confused with the option of your Preferred Writer, as you can make the author your preferred one, even if he or she composed only one essay for you. Of course, preferred authors can also be among top writers, but many of them also strive to become the most revered specialists.


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Why Only Top 10 Writers?

Usually, a VIP customer sees only Top 10 Writers, as their ratings are changing and new top names are being displayed. However, of course, EliteWritings.com has an abundance of skilled writers you can choose from. The feature of Top 10 Writers predominantly shows you the most active authors who are currently available.

Some excellent writers may be not online when you need to place an urgent order, as both our employees and clients come from different corners of the world, living in discrepant time zones. Consequently, VIP writing services “limited” the choice of Top Writers, making it a VIP option. Once you choose a writer that attracted your attention, we will connect the professional to your order.

Top Writers Knowledgeable in Miscellaneous Trendy Spheres

The best writers who work for us reflect prodigious knowledge, being able to complete papers practically in any discipline, from humanities, social sciences, to natural and applied sciences. If to be more specific, recently our Top Writers have completed excellent papers in Film, Television and Digital Media, Global Journalism, International Law, Cognitive Science, American Culture Studies, Social and Behavioral Science, Biophysics, Robotics, Comparative Literatures and Cultures, Community Development, Criminology, Statistical Analysis, Folklore and Mythology, Indo-European Linguistics, and many more.

They also understand that contemporary education follows modern trends, so our experts always keep up with burning issues and art events.

Useful Writing Tips if You Want to Join our “Top 10 Writers”

Sometimes, it happens when our customers decide to turn into our authors. Actually, our collaboration works in an incredible way, as at first, you order a research paper from a professional to improve your knowledge and comprehension of the most refined written work, and then, having learned from EliteWritings.com eggheads, you are motivated enough to become a writer yourself! So how to improve your writing potential?

  1. Immerse in Genuine Literature. A good author easily sees the difference between low-quality pulp fiction and professionally written oeuvres. “Learn from the masters” has been old advice that remains relevant in any day and age. Thus, focus on reading classic literature!
  2. Develop a writing routine. Initially, creating even small works on a daily basis seems like pandemonium, but this is how your brain works out great ideas and develops a smooth writing manner! It is also important to grasp your perfect time of inspiration – for some writers, mornings are the most inspiring ones, while for others, evenings evoke the Muses!
  3. Keep a notebook. Decent ideas insidiously come when you do not expect them. Thus, keeping a notebook is a perfect way out when inspiration comes or you see or hear something that has to be written down. Even if some thoughts seem to be useless or unapplicable at first, you can further look into your notebook and find the unexpected intellectual gems!

Client's Review

"It was the task for a front-end project that predetermined my primary career achievements. I was afraid of doing it on my own, but that writing platform get me the right path!"

reviewed EliteWritings on September 3, 2020, via Trustpilot Click to see the original review on an external website.

  1. Do not underestimate revision. This is something our VIP editing team does perfectly instead of our clients or writers. However, you should also try to revise your own works from time to time – this way, you will learn to discern your own mistakes and, consequently, write better.
  2. Make your sentences sound powerful. It does not mean you have to sound extremely convincing, but your words must flow so smoothly so that a reader will see an authoritative individual in your ideas’ expression. The way you write quickly discloses whether you are enthusiastic or reluctant about it.

These are only a few things that made our authors Top Writers – their progress is a daily work full of challenges and inspiring findings!

Be Rewarded with a Perfect Work in the End!

Academic success comes with well-written papers completed according to clients’ expectations. Our Writing Department displays orders with “Top 10 Writers” only to those professionals, who have already completed similar assignments before and are highly qualified in the specified field. Only writers with 97%+ overall grade can work on such orders. As a result, you will receive a top-flight piece of writing created in accordance with your specifications.

As you might have understood, you have a wonderful opportunity to choose your Top Writer if you are our VIP Client!