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If you have written an academic paper for your classes or created a paper for presentation, keep in mind that it would be recommended to use our best free plagiarism checker in order to make sure that the content is 100% original and plagiarism-free. With the help of our anti-plagiarism software, you will be able to submit your paper without worrying that your professor will find some plagiarized content in it. You may also find the checker handy if you ordered a custom-written paper online but have not been provided with a plagiarism report. All in all, regardless of whether you have written the paper on your own or ordered the paper online, you should carefully check plagiarism so that there is no copied or «stolen» information in your paper.


When you are working on academic writing assignments, the quality and originality of content is the primary thing that your professor will pay attention to. Therefore, it is essential not only to edit and proofread the paper before submission but also to check the paper for plagiarism. If you think that only grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes may be striking when it comes to the overall impression of your work, you are mistaken. Professors can easily spot even accidental plagiarism in the paper. Many students tend to copy and paste the content online, and since professors read a lot of papers on a daily basis, they can easily spot the familiar information. If you do not want to risk your academic reputation and if you would like to be sure of the quality of paper content, be sure to eliminate plagiarism in your paper since you may get a severe punishment for plagiarism.

Plagiarism statistics nowadays is really striking because many students do not want to conduct research on their own and provide original discussion. The main reason why students are susceptible to plagiarism in colleges is that they lack sufficient time to prepare all assignments. Consequently, many college administrations have decided to impose penalties for plagiarism, which can be rather severe, namely a student may even end up being expelled from the educational establishment. Hence, it is important to avoid even unintentional plagiarism and carefully check each paper before submitting it.

Advantages of Free Plagiarism Checker Online

If you still doubt whether it is worth addressing our plagiarism essay company for help, be sure to find out the following advantages of free plagiarism checker online:

  1. It is free of charge. You do not have to pay exorbitant sums of money to make sure that your paper is original in content. Therefore, you are not limited in the number of papers you can check at the same time. To check the papers, you just have to copy the text into a specific field.
  2. Thorough plagiarism check. Our program spots different types of plagiarism, so after the check, you can be 100% sure in the originality of your paper.
  3. It scans papers really fast. Our plagiarism check is not about the long process. When scanning plagiarism articles, many people make a cup of tea or coffee and then wait until the program scans their documents. However, this is not about our app.
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How to Check Your Paper for Plagiarism?

  1. Upload the file you would like to check into the system or simply copy the text and insert it into the specific field.
  2. Press the «Check my Essay» button.
  3. Wait a bit until the program processes the information. As soon as the plagiarism check is completed, the examples of plagiarism will be highlighted.
  4. You will receive a plagiarism report as proof that your paper content is unique.

Consequences of Plagiarism

With the growing popularity of anti-plagiarism instruments, it has become easier for professors to spot plagiarism cases and thus come up with some strict consequences of plagiarism. If you are caught with plagiarism, you may first have a serious conversation with your professor, specifically, you will have to explain the issue. In case you have to deal with this problem, try to stay calm and provide clear and honest explanations for the forms of plagiarism. By promising that you can cite the sources properly in the future, you will thus handle the situation of self-plagiarism in college or any other issue. Among the other grave consequences may be the loss of scholarship and failure to get credit for some studying program.

If you are not well aware yet what are the consequences of plagiarism, read the following facts:

  1. According to plagiarism stats, many students are annually expelled from educational establishments because of plagiarism issues.
  2. Plagiarized papers are normally ruined in terms of content and relevance.
  3. Because of plagiarism cases, one`s academic reputation may be destroyed.
  4. Plagiarism can even lead to serious problems within the legal context.

Famous Plagiarism Cases

If you think that plagiarism is the problem of the current age, namely when students copy some information from the outside sources and insert it in their papers, thus pretending that the ideas are their own, you are wrong because there are numerous famous plagiarism cases that took place many years ago. Plagiarism has existed for many years, and there are even some famous cases of plagiarism. If you are eager to know more information about them, check our the following famous examples of plagiarism over the course of history:

  1. Joseph Biden. Yes, you are totally right – this is the same Joseph Bilden, who is the former vice president. The time when he was accused of plagiarism was when he was at studying at a law school and he plagiarized a paper. Specifically, he plagiarized some five pages of an already published article and used the information without citing it. Further, in 1988, he was expelled from the presidential race again because of plagiarism issues as he plagiarized some text from Kennedy`s, Humphrey`s, and Kinnock`s speeches. This is a perfect illustration of why is plagiarism bad.
  2. Stephen Ambrose. This is a famous historical writer who is actually infamous for plagiarizing ideas from the other authors` books. The plagiarism cases led to allegations.
  3. Alex Haley. This is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a famous author due to his book Roots. However, Haley was later accused of plagiarizing some parts of the book written by Harold Courlander The African and using them in the Roots. Via the court, it was proven that some parts were really plagiarized.
  4. Rene Diekstra. One of the interesting plagiarism facts about this psychology professor is that he was accused of copying some information that he used in his scientific study. In the end, he was dismissed from the university.
  5. Martin Luther King. It was stated that martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized a part of his doctoral dissertation at the university. Later it was proven that some parts of his thesis were taken from someone else`s dissertation written before. On his part, King disclaims the statement by saying that he used some general phrases from Scripture within the realm of his topic and further in his speeches.
  6. Helen Keller. One of her short stories «The Frost King» is said to have been partially plagiarized. Even though Keller claimed to have written it when she was a kid, some similarity was found with Canby`s story «The Frost Fairies.»
  7. John Milton. William Lauder wanted to prove that Milton`s Paradise Lost was fully plagiarized from different ideas of 17th-century authors.
  8. Stendhal. He was accused of plagiarism in connection to his art and travel books.
  9. Rand Paul (the Senator). He was accused of plagiarism when it came to his speeches and the book. However, the Senator explained the case by claiming that he just did not devote enough attention to the proper citation of books.

What Types of Plagiarism Exist?

It is essential to know what types of plagiarism exist in order to be able to eliminate it in your works. Currently, plagiarism issues have become widespread due to the popularity of college and university education. In the world of academia, plagiarism is a frequent cause. Moreover, due to the fact that it is so easy to find information specifically on the Internet, the cases of plagiarism have become really widespread. Sometimes students copy some information found online and do not pay ample attention to the proper reference to the works and their citations. This is how plagiarism is spread: due to the lack of time students have to carefully research each topic and cite all the information that was taken from the outside sources.

If you think that plagiarism is a phenomenon that is spread only among students, it is not completely right. Plagiarism is spread in the workplace as well. There are some lazy and irresponsible employees who may be accused of direct plagiarism, which will be a sign of cheating and dishonesty.

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Classification of Plagiarism Types

  1. Citing invented sources. It refers to the situation when a person writing something invents sources that are non-existent and then kind of «cites» them.
  2. Paraphrasing. This is a situation when some text written by someone else is rewritten in your own words without referring to the source.
  3. Patchwriting. This is a concept when you paraphrase one`s words, refer to the idea but use it without mentioning the author.
  4. Fake citations. This is similar to invented sources but in this case, you cite the existent sources but just invent the citations if you lack some supporting evidence for your paper topic.
  5. Self-plagiarism. This is a process of taking ideas or even copying parts of text from the papers previously written by you. For example, when you want to hand in the same paper text in different courses or subjects.
  6. Accidental plagiarism. This is a situation when one simply forgets to cite the material he/ she has taken from some book. It can also be referred to as mosaic plagiarism.
  7. Direct plagiarism. This is when you directly copy some part of one`s work and do not mention the source.
  8. Uncredited plagiarism. It happens when you take some articles or books written in a foreign language and translate it into your own language.
  9. Misleading citations. This is the case when you omit citations from the work written by someone else.
  10. Incremental plagiarism. This is when you cite the source correctly but do not properly paraphrase it.

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What to Do if Plagiarism Checker Detected Plagiarism?

Our expert company can actually help you if plagiarism checker detected plagiarism in your paper. Actually, we can provide the following options for dealing with grammarly plagiarism and other plagiarism results:

  • our company`s experts can help you rewrite or paraphrase the parts and then cite them properly;
  • we will help you fix formatting if there are mistakes in citation style;
  • we will assist in the process of proper structuring;
  • our company`s professionals can even help you write the paper from scratch according to the requirements;
  • we will help you edit the reference list and the bibliography and fix any inconsistencies if there are some;
  • we will help you find credible, trustworthy, and peer-reviewed sources for your research;
  • we will add in-text citations if they are missing;
  • we will help you come up with original ideas for your paper topic.

Why is Plagiarism Wrong?

Plagiarism cases do not merely have an adverse effect on students` academic performance but on the whole on their reputation. In some particular cases, plagiarism may affect even one`s classmates, specifically when a group of students work on a specific project, and then it turns out that one student has plagiarized some information. Moreover, on higher levels of academic studying and career, plagiarism cases may negatively impact specific educational establishments. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of plagiarism and avoid it in an academic career.