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Nursing Informatics

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Modern age is deeply preoccupied with efficiency. Without technological advancement, one cannot imagine American hospitals. At the same time, medical practitioners face a number of ethical issues in their work. One of the biggest challenges of modern nursery field is confidentiality and its violations. It is the primary reason why so much attention is given to the confidentiality of patients’ information and how it should be protected (Mastrian, 2011). Researchers state that when clinics resort to entering patients’ data manually, clients’ confidential information can be disclosed. Since so many people have access to such kind of information, it Nursing Informatics provokes s a number of ethical concerns and, as a result, legal considerations. Buy custom nursing informatics essay from us and our writers will explore any topic for you (Ball & Hannah, 2011).

Manual system of uploading data is rather expensive because hospitals have to pay salaries to their employees. At the same time, this method is proved to be inefficient and untrustworthy because human beings can make many mistakes because of stress and exhaustion, which are usually excluded if data is processed by technology. Moreover, human labor in this regard is not as efficient as technological advancements. To process all patients’ information, employers should hire responsible personnel and take care of their work space, which is not needed when technology is being applied (Mastrian, 2011).

President Obama is famous for the advancement of technological era in medicine. He says it is the most effective remedy for the US healthcare. Since there have been numerous delays in updating data in patients’ records, nowadays, technology has eradicated such instances to the full. As a result, one can see an increase in the efficiency of work because patients’ history is analyzed, processed, stored, and updated within certain time frames. Moreover, less workers have access to the confidential data because technology sets a restricted access to the information, which used to pass through many hands in the past. Due to such measures, the issue of confidentially is not so topical in the US since manual systems are less practiced in the US hospitals.

Many people do not even expect that less money is being spent on the innovative approach towards dealing with confidentiality data. Technological advancements are not cheap, but definitely cost-effective. Computers need less time to process data than human beings and a limited budged is not an issue. Due to the computerization in hospitals, there have been fewer incidents with improper data alteration and errors due to lack of attention of medical workers. Hospitals that have technology-based system of storing patients’ data attract more clients because confidentiality terms are always maintained. Accuracy, proficiency, reliability and efficiency are just a small list of words that characterize a modern state of upholding confidentially rules in hospitals (Mastrian, 2011).

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