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Hybrid Vehicles Essay with Decent Ideas

The automobile industry has experienced a technical revolution due to the introduction and emergence of hybrid vehicles. Regardless of location, more and more people resort to the usage of hybrid vehicles. The worldwide providers of hybrid cars are Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Honda, and GM, which have won appreciation in the international market (Anderson & Anderson, 2004). These car manufacturers distribute hybrid vehicles in Europe, Africa, North America, and other parts of the globe. Read our hybrid vehicles essay till the end to comprehend the scope of popularity of hybrid cars.

Researchers have investigated the market and share of hybrid cars in more than 25 countries and results are as follows. Among 8 countries that promote the usage of hybrid vehicles, the leading position take the United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Italy, German, Netherlands, Switzerland, and France. As you can see, hybrid vehicles are being successfully distributed on the International arena.

However, according to the recent statistics, this sort of cars is more widely purchased in the North America due to the flexibility and openness of its market. Moreover, competitors are less severe and cruel in the North America. In 2005, the world has seen the production of “advances hybrid systems -2nd generation,” which was introduced by BMW, Chrysler, and General Motors. These three huge enterprises wanted to make a hybrid vehicle accessible for every family. As a result, hybrid cars won a prize “Technology of the Year” in 2 years after they were presented to the public. The most frequently used hybrid car is Toyota, which sold 3 million cars in the same year (Fuhs, 2008). In a year, Toyota won appreciation of the international market, especially in Japan. Customers prefer Toyota hybrid cars to any other vehicle. At present time, company entails approximately twenty models of hybrid cars, which are sold in more than 80 countries at affordable rates. In addition, ten more hybrid cars are being constructed by the Toyota developers.

The rise of hybrid electric cars comes down to several factors, among which societal, economic, and environmental implications take place. Most drivers who would like to make this world a better place for living and are deeply preoccupied with environmental protection choose hybrid cars. Research that was done by J.D. Power and Associates states that in 2015, more than 7% of Americans bought hybrid cars. The number of hybrid vehicles purchased in the US increases day by day. At the same time, fuel companies see a sharp deduction in the rate of fuel production since more and more citizens prefer cost-effective hybrid cars, whereas fuel consumption decreases. Therefore, environment benefits the most from the introduction of hybrid cars.

At the same time, even more Americans would buy hybrid cars, if they were less expensive. If to compare them with common cars, the price is higher for several thousand dollars. For example, Toyota Camry costs approximately $23,000, whereas it hybrid version will cost $28,000. Therefore, if you also want to live in a cleaner environment, you will have to pay more. Researchers state that since hybrid cars are very popular nowadays, they might become cheaper soon since there will be a higher demand and more efforts will be dedicated to making this type of vehicle accessible to a common American family.

If to compare hybrid cars with simple vehicles, they emit less gas in the atmosphere. Gasoline car emissions take 90% more in comparison with hybrid cars. Therefore, the issue with evaporation can be tackled with the purchase of hybrid cars. We hope that our hybrid vehicles essay will serve you as a model for your personal writing assignment and will help you get the highest grade.