HIV AIDS, Gender and Sexual Orientation

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In the modern world, HIV and AIDS issues become of paramount importance. The probability of being infected with HIV does not depend on one’s sexual orientation (Aral, Fenton, & Lipshutz, 2013). However, sexual preferences can be the cause for getting AIDS or HIV (Perrin, 2002).

First, AIDS was found in the immune system of a male who had personal homosexual preferences in 1981 (Lundy & Janes, 2009). One of the largest AIDS risk groups is comprised of the people with homosexual inclinations. At the same time females have more chances to get HIV (Lashley & Durham, 2010). This exact topic was chosen because of the theoretical possibility of the high rate of HIV infected people among homosexuals of both genders.

Table 1




Respondent Female (Asian)

Respondent Male


Respondent Female (Afro-American)

Respondent Male (Caucasian)

Respondent Female (Caucasian)

Do you find person’s sexual orientation the main reason to get HIV?

No. Today you can get HIV even through the needle in the hospital.

Not really. If you are sexually promiscuous you can surely get HIV.

Of course no! Though, it is highly possible. Today, mostly drug addicts get it.

Not today. Earlier this could be the main reason but not presently.

No. Unfortunately, now even children are already born with it. 

How do you think, which gender is more HIV oriented?

Females get infected more easily.

I believe that females are more vulnerable.

I guess females get infected more often.

I believe that females get infected more often than males.

We are more vulnerable to HIV because of our genital structure.

Is it possible for homosexuals to protect themselves fully from HIV and AIDS?

Yes. If they use condoms and other contraception, they always are safe.

Of course it is possible! They just should use condoms and everything will be fine.

I guess it is possible only with the help of contraception.

Today, everything is possible! Everybody should be very careful.

I think it is highly possible to stay safe. Especially, if they choose their partners carefully.

Within the context of this research project a small survey was held. Five people with different racial origin were asked 3 questions. The criterion of choosing respondents was based on the thought that representatives of different races have various points of view about mentioned topic. All respondents gave fast and definite answers. Also, it was a surprise that all five respondents were comfortable with the questions. At the same time, Asian male and female were slightly more tensed than both Caucasians and Afro-American female.

Also, all of them had the same opinion and the general idea of all answers was almost identical. This particular inquiry was interesting to provide because of the adequate reaction of respondents on the main idea of the questions.

At the present day, sexual orientation is not the main reason to get HIV. There are many different ways to get it not only through the sexual contact (Fernandez & Ruiz, 2006). Female gender is more HIV-prone because of genital system peculiarity but it is highly important for both genders to protect themselves from this disease.