Gender Roles

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When God created the world, he created Adam either, who was the first male on the earth. The world was very beautiful, in which Adam was the only human among animals and nature, thus God decided to shape Eve from Adam’s feather, who became the first female. Furthermore, male and female have become the two parts of one whole since that time, which are to be regarded complimentary and interchanging aspects of each other. Time passed by, and the relationship between a man and a woman was in the process, and it never took them away from each other. Indeed, it has become more complex and variety eventually.

The purpose of a gender role essay is to understand the nature of male and female behavior, discuss the attitudes toward traditional gender roles, how they have changed over the last four decades and what impact do that changes have on the human relations.

From the ancient times, the primary goal of a male was to protect his family, along with his wife and children, and provide the family with everything necessary to ensure adequate life. Women’s main purpose was to preserve her family, raise children and support her husband. That attitude was saved until the 1960s.

That time was characterized with changes in the life courses. Mankind had passed through such severities as wars and depressions, where males were fighting to defend the homeland and women who were waiting for them with their children at home, or were near them, providing health services to the wounded. Further, the next level of evolution became after the Second World War. Moreover, that was the beginning of the age of technological progress; thus different innovations began to develop. More and more countries, which gain independence, became to appear on the world map. That has led to the thing-becoming of a new trade and political order in the globe along with the necessity of education and new work areas. Various patterns of women’s work appeared in that period. Such historical trends as fluctuating birth and divorce rates also impressed the life courses of people. It was really impossible to predict with certainty future changes that followed from these historical trends and events.

Women’s roles in the globe outside the family have changed widely over the last four decades. The historical trend in relations between males and females has moved to equalitarian view. Women’s involvement in work has increased substantially since 1960.

DeLamater and Myers (2010) determined three statements. The first statement considered the situation in which the man was the achiever outside the home while the woman took care of home and family. The second statement was about women who should take care of their homes and leave the work of running the country to men. The third was whether most males were better suited emotionally for politics that most of the females. They identified than two-thirds or more of the people surveyed agreed with the first statement, and one-third agreed with the second and third statements in the 1970s. By 1998, only one-third agreed with the first statement, and statements two and three were endorsed by only 15 and 21 percent, respectively (DeLamater and Myers 2010). The following change from traditional to equalitarian gender role attitudes has been quite remarkable among women. Even those women who were raised in traditional attitudes had experienced those changes. Many Asian and Latin women have demonstrated their desire for higher education and work outside their homes, in order to be successful in careers and gain financial independence. An employment statistic of young single women has been kept on high level since 1960s till present days. The percentage of married women who were engaged with employment grew with confidence from 1960 to 1995. The proportion of women who work during pregnancy and who return to work while the child is still an infant has also grown steadily over that timeframe. In 1999, black women, controlling for age and family status, were more likely to be employed outside the home than white women. Overall, Hispanic women were less to be employed than whites. Rates for Asian women vary considerably, from 59 percent for South Asian women to 77 percent for Filipinas.

Time is a valuable thing, which makes all people achieve their goals in time. That is probably one of the most important reasons why desires of populations have been continuously changing. This forces both men and women pause and consider about their achievements and priorities that they have wanted to get in their life or for those from whom they have dreamt of in a childhood, or during training, but which for some reason they have not reached during a certain period of time. Every young boy has dreamt about being of CEO in a large corporation, or an astronaut, or some super hero once in his childhood. Every young girl has ever dreamt about her future husband and children, about being a good mother and an excellent wife along with imagining her wedding dress and so on. One purpose unites these dreams, which are basic instincts for male and female. Every girl dreams about the man of her dream, which will be able to support her in hard periods, share happy moments and just be aside her showing her exceptional nature and uniqueness with his attitude every day. Every man dreams about that special girl in his life, which will be able to show same attitude to him.

The age of informational technology has had its own impacts on the gender attitude. Population is now experiencing the tendency, in which the edge between segregation of duties has disappeared, and that tendency is growing fast. Women started to pay more attention to their financial independency, let men assent them to their not only senior positions, but managerial either. That has led to per equation of duties between male and female on one hand. However, that tendency has its disadvantages at the same time either. The thing is that men carry more duties, those that women have made before. These duties are related to home duties and to children’s education. Tendencies when men more often choose to cook to be the subject of their future profession. They achieve great success in that area, by the way. It can be seen at present that millions of men are fascinated by this habit to find pleasure in cooking and superior to women in it even. Male and female have become more multifunctional. Female learns male professions such as electronics, mechanics, builder, driver and others with ease. Lots of men prefer to change home roles with women and stay at home, raising their children, cleaning house and cooking while their wives are busy with work outside the home. Due to the constant development of the world, machinery is growing rapidly. That has led to all roads full of vehicles more and more, and the number of women among drivers is growing as well (Nelson and Brown 2012).

It is hard to find one clear explanation to the phenomenon when gender roles begin to run into one and become more functional. All reasons, even not serious, can be related to these explanations.

First, every person is born with certain sets of qualities, which are passed to children from their parents genetically. For example, male and female possess with strong sets of qualities or they elaborate those qualities during life. There is a possibility that a child born in a pair will have the same qualities as either received both from his/her mother and father. Even in case if a child is born without given sets of qualities, that does not mean he/she will not be able to elaborate them. Child parenting is also affected to an ability of a kid to form his/her views of life, which will be evaluated regarding those values that are implanted to a kid.

Second is a social environment. Every person has its own social environment, which means a sphere of existence. If every unit of that sphere was related to pursuing goals in life, that would lead each of them to the objects that needed to be achieved anyway. The other way around is that person does not have any goals in his/her life, which makes him/her not oriented and adapting to the given conditions. 

In fact, it is a wrong opinion that the male is stronger than women. They might be so physically. However, it is a debatable question. It is rather some irrelevant argument, which people use as a statement that male must be a defender and strong enough in order to be able to protect his family. Women are much stronger than men; by the way, this can be proved with ease. Female is born with her main purpose, which is to give birth to a child. Moreover, a woman must possess enormous courage and sustaining power not only to carry a fetus to term, but to sustain the process of childbearing directly. That makes women much stronger than men. Probably, that is one of the reasons why women become fond of sport and achieve better results in competitions than men.

Women do not want to be the unit with the only purpose of becoming wonderful wife and mother. Every female wants to have a family after all, but she also would like to find her place in this world. She would like to set herself up in other spheres of live, such as professional and gain financial independency. It is not that women deny the main purpose of men to maintain financial situation in the family. It is just because there are lots of small things that do really matter for every female. They would like to have their own space when they can stop off for a moment and catch a break. That can be a desire to see friends and talk about their husbands or the relations between male and female, or fashion, beauty and other things. Some women find their distraction in work outside home with the ability to communicate with different people.

Men are doing the same. They may seem to be strong and courageous. However, they are like a child, which needs in continuously attention and perfect attitude. Women give that to them, which makes them more soft, without violence as it is a well-known fact that beauty will save the world. Men, just like women, would also like to have their own space to be able to rest from their direct duties to feed his family. They would also like to have sporty body, to attract women’s attention to satisfy their ego identity and others. Thus, men are adopting women’s habits of beauty, fashion, flexibility and become engaged with all that stuff. However, that does not mean that they are changing their roles at all. It is only an attempt for both to improve them.

A legendary feminist satire “I Want a Wife”, written by Judy Braddy describes ironic opinion of a desirable wife. Of course, every man wishes to have the most beautiful, the most easy-going and the smartest wife, who will be able to keep the house clean, take care of the family, band e sensitive to man’s desires. Satire was written by a married woman, who described men’s wishes from her point of view. Indeed, it is true that all those wishes can be found as men’s wishes. However, a mutual key to understand each other lies in the continuous conversations between a couple and those things can be avoided when a couple decides to co-operate and help each other.

“Men, It’s in Their Nature” written by Christina Hoff Sommers covers traditional ideas about men’s and women’s roles and expected behaviors. Boys are represented without ability to co-operate themselves and find beauty in nature. It covers their violence mostly rather that sensitivity. That will lead to a conclusion that male and female are separate entities, which need each other. It is true indeed, however that statement is old-fashioned.

Gender roles are not so bad in themselves. In order to succeed in mutual understanding both parties must be in a continuous progress all the time and their progress should be oriented on achievement of common goals.

Such changes will be good only in that case when co-operation of male and female will be mutually beneficial without any extra changes that may lead to role reversal when female plays the role of a protector and breadwinner while the male is staying at home doing home staff. At the same time, there is a tendency, in which gender role becomes prevailing over the duties when female becomes more engaged with work outside the home.

Attitudes toward traditional gender roles have changed a lot over the last four decades. Women became more financial independent and busy with the work apart from housekeeping. However, they are trying to pay the same attention to their home responsibilities along with improving themselves in their beauty and intelligent. The given aim carries honorable purposes as every female wishes her male to be proud of his wife. Men became more sensitive, gentle and understanding, not forgetting about the purpose of protection of their family. They pay much more attention to their looks at the same time, making their women proud of them.