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Inquiry Question: What are the current issues that people in society are facing which are a threat to life?

Waite, L.J, Goldchneider and Witsberger, 1986. Nonfamily living results in traditional family orientation erosion among young adults. Review of American Sociology, 51, 541-554.

The author mostly focuses on young men and women in their sex roles. He carries out several researches both at Brown University and at Rand Corporation. The author also uses the National longitudinal data for survey of both young women and young men as he tries to make some tests on their hypothesis that is based on the argument that when young adults live nonfamily lives, their attitudes, the values that they have, the plans that they have set and even their expectations are drifted away from the believes that they have based on the role of sex in traditional society. The hypothesis that they tries to test is seen to have very strong support on the side of young ladies while on the side of young males, the hypothesis received fewer effects. The author supports the fact that if there is increment of independent time where by one have much time away from the parent before he or she marries will result to increased individualism whereby one is able to fully depend on him or herself without much struggle. This will also help to enhance self sufficiency to those unmarried young men and women and at the same time bring forth the right attitude that people have towards families. It is therefore evidence that the author’s main focus is to encourage young men and women to have the right attitude and understand the matters that pertains to families. He urges them to therefore engage themselves in family living so that they may be able to maintain their attitudes, values and even the plans that are sexual related.

Luber ad . 7th July 2005. Barriers of genetics to resistance and the effects they have on response of the clinic. Ejias, volume 7.

The author of this article mostly focuses to address the effects of antrovirals to individuals that are infected with HI. Examination of this article is on the factors that will have accounted for the disparities that occur in the rates of success among barriers of both high and low resistance. The article also seeks to address the impact that results from failure of the regimens that will alter the options of treatment in future. Drug resistance development has continued to pose a problem towards retroviral therapy that are long-term and successful no matter new antiretroviral agents availability. This article address that the lifestyle of the patient will determine in decision making on the regimens that will be used as the regimens for initial therapy. These determinants are things like adherence potential, drug adverse events low rate, potency of regime and reduced negative interactions of drug –drug. The newer regines that are highly potential have antiviral activities that are very good. There are beneficial responses of virology that are experienced by most patients in case they are capable of adhering to therapy and they are not infected with isolates of viral resistant. There should be a careful considerations by the clinicians on barriers of genetics to resistance and the profiles of mutation that are most likely to take place when there is virology failure that is associated with these regimens during the time of initial therapy selection. The author is therefore interested in explaining the criteria in which patients should base their choice of virology regimens. The author therefore tries to bring a clear outline of how the different regimens have varying responses and adherent for the patient.

Gayle H, Wainberg MA. 19th April 2007. The 6th International Conference on AIDS: Will it leave a legacy?, ejias, volume 1, Number 1.

The major reflection of this article is to outline on both the problems that were faced during the conference and the successes that were achieved during the AIDS conference that took place in 2006. The article focuses to highlight every session on microbicides and the vaccines that are use in curtailing the spread of this epidemic. The article draws the main concepts that are related to clinical designs and trials. The author discusses pre-exposure sessions that illustrate the ways in which circumcision practice for the male persons should be conducted so as to curb the spread of AIDS viruses. The author states the impact profile for treatment scale-up has contained for those that are infected with HIV viruses in the countries that upcoming economically. This was the first conference that was held in a n economically stable state settings and no any major protests were received from the groups of activists that were in opposition to companies that deals with pharmaceutical products and their booths. The author notes that there was a major role that was played by the conference towards government policy changes in matters that are related to HIV/AIDS which have occurred in mutant virus in South Africa if the patient had both contained both types of the mutants. Due to the high variations of the mutants in this patient, there is harboring of the mutations in codon-7o polgene and 184 that poses resistance to both ZVD and 3TC. There is presence of HIV-1 that coexists as a wild-type virus in very high proportions in the treatment na?ve for patients that occupies the northern side of India. There are no any correlations between these mutations and CD4+ counts for cells in their appearances. There were few variants for the mutants that were common in the children. Hiv diversity in genetics gives suggestions that those genotyping that are targeted have resistance assays that are usually applicable to varying subtypes of the HIV-1 viruses that could be used as determinants for the drugs resistance for the HIV in diverse world parts.

Gottlied, P. D. 1995. The golden egg as a natural source: towards a normative growth management theory. Natural resource and society, 8, 5: 49-56

The author of the article have focused on explained the dilemma that the suburbs in the North American continent are facing. This dilemma requires for local amenities preservation as a way of preserving and also protecting life quality for the people that live on that part of the globe. There is also development that is physical that will enable the expansion of tax base. The solution policy to this dilemma is proposed to be management of growth. The author states that there is an analogy that have been made between economization of resources and this approach. According to the conclusion that the author makes regarding this, management of growth debate have resulted to the rise of issues that are legitimate to efficiency and also to sustainability of these policies in order to reduce the dilemma that these people have in their minds. The author therefore seeks to seek the way out through which suitable criteria that will actualize the benefits of these people and bring forth a solution that is long lasting could be achieved. The author of the article have also focused on addressing the issues that these people are prone to and the way out of them. Through the analyses that the author makes, there is a clear evidence that he draws for the need to ensure raise the living qualities.

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