Free Sociology Essays

Alcohol Use and its Consequences essay

All over the world, alcohol drinking has always been an inseparable part of a social life. Due to the social influence, the main reasons for people to use alcoholic drinks are: to get a stress relief, become more communicative or escape from problems. Also, in many situations, peer pressure becomes ...

Annotated Bibliography Sample essay

Inquiry Question: What are the current issues that people in society are facing which are a threat to life? Waite, L.J, Goldchneider and Witsberger, 1986. Nonfamily living results in traditional family orientation erosion among young adults. Review of American Sociology, 51, 541-554. The author ...

Conversation Paper Assignment essay

Vicky, Anna, and Gloria are very close friends who know each other for a while. One spring day, they gathered together for a lunch to talk about their plans for the spring break and about the life itself. Gloria is a 22 year-old female, Vicky is 23 years old, and Anna is 24 years old. Vicky and ...

Gender Roles essay

When God created the world, he created Adam either, who was the first male on the earth. The world was very beautiful, in which Adam was the only human among animals and nature, thus God decided to shape Eve from Adam’s feather, who became the first female. Furthermore, male and female have ...

HIV AIDS, Gender and Sexual Orientation essay

In the modern world, HIV and AIDS issues become of paramount importance. The probability of being infected with HIV does not depend on one’s sexual orientation (Aral, Fenton, & Lipshutz, 2013). However, sexual preferences can be the cause for getting AIDS or HIV (Perrin, 2002). First, ...

Multicultural Critical Theory essay

One of the main criteria when evaluating somebody’s mental capacity raises the question about the person’s thinking.  At the same time, decision or thought is the final stage of it. Possibly, the main issue is how somebody thinks. If the final decision or conclusion is the ending ...

Social Control Theory essay

Social control theory is used to explain the relationship between society norms and breaking the law. The theory states that the human values, beliefs, norms, and commitment motivate people not to engage in activities that amount to breaking laws. Therefore, the theory argues that if various moral ...

The Strike of American Airlines Pilots essay

In September 2012, American Airlines’ pilots threatened to strike because of the lack of a viable contract between their union and the company's management. Rather than to go on strike, the pilots utilized disruptive tactics to draw attention to their complaints. The source of conflict was ...

The Amish Culture essay

Introduction The Amish are the old traditionalist deeply religious group of Christians. By their historical origin, the Amish people are Protestants who escaped persecution in Europe and came to the United States of America to build a new community based on following old traditions and mutual help. ...

Women in Combat essay

Since the very beginning of humanity, men were always considered to be the strongest by their nature, and thus, to be common protectors. However, history shows that women took a direct participation in many battles. A lot of females took part in both World Wars and in many other combat operations, ...
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