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Ukraine's Backward-Looking Car Tax

Introduction of new duties can be the way to protect national manufacturers and get money for the budget. The main idea of the article Ukraine’s backward-looking car tax is that such steps can cause troubles for the state.

The author of the article tries to find a possible explanation of reasons for such measures of Ukrainian government. According to the author’s point of view, the main reason is the desire of Ukrainian oligarchs to avoid free competition. The background of this desire is quite simple: extra duties (added to existed duty for import autos in 10%). At the same time, existing manufacturing is the masked import, being simple assembling of ready kits of foreign marks.

 As it states in the article, such steps would have negative consequences, such as opposition of the other WTO members. The fact of the continuing political persecutions and democracy’s rollback may cause the failure of free trade agreement between EU and Ukraine in the autumn of this year.

The article Hollande wants right to ‘cultural exception’ touches such a delicate issue as national culture protection.  The main question considered in the article is whether the position of France about limiting foreign music and television can complicate the negotiations on transatlantic trade pact.

One of the main tasks for future agreement is the harmonization of the different regulating standards in many areas, such as automobile, food, etc.  Such a step can enforce the mutual trade and lead to economic growth. Nevertheless, France, approving this, insists on its right of so-called cultural exception, which was unsuccessfully challenged earlier by the USA. This right means restriction of foreign-made programs on radio and TV. French state seriously supports the national film production. Despite the fact that the EU trade commissioner needs the broad mandate, France was assured that its rights of national culture protection will be respected.