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Business Strategic Management

Part A: Memo

To: The Board of Directors, HP Incorporation.

CC: The Chief Executive Officer, HP Incorporation.

From: Regional Strategic Manager, India.

Date: 5/12/2014

Re: Execution of the differentiation strategy by expanding mobile products and researching customer needs in India.

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It is a pleasurable moment to present you my ideas about the execution of the strategy report recommendations. Expansion of mobile products and research on customer needs in India is important because of a large number of benefits that HP enjoys in India. HP is a technology giant that owns a number of intellectual properties and brands. Indian market has a population of more than one billion potential users of mobile products. Investing in this opportunity is necessary and will allow HP to realize its goal of becoming a leader in global mobile technology business. A number of ideas present in the strategic review project will be supportive to our ideas and will blend to yield success in our project.

We will use at least three concepts to make the execution of this strategy most successful and beneficial. The first concept is using human resource to generate the best ideas and research information. Human resource management will be favorable to the employees to motivate them and allow them contribute the best. To reach the goal set, training of technologists will be required to enable to generate ideas for tangible technologies in the Indian market. The leadership of the project will be of an important contribution and, therefore, we intend to recruit the management through a competitive process where knowledge, skills and experience will be of the greatest value. The researchers who have the greatest understanding of mathematics and statistical modeling will be consulted.

The second concept that will be of help to my undertaking is product quality. Mobile technology is volatile and it is only the best quality that survives. Our research on mobile applications relevant to the Indian market will be extended. The customer tastes and preferences will be highly considered to ensure that HP does not go off track. The mobile software will be tailored to meet the needs of our market. There will focus on the trends in mobile money transfer, mobile banking and mobile commerce. Our software will also support the mobile internet surfaces to allow the users of our mobile technologies utilize the power of the internet in social networking and electronic commerce.

Our hard wares will be highly modified to be at par with the needs in the mobile market. We will use the trending technologies to encourage mobile usage among the members of our consumer/client base, while at the same time minimizing the cost of acquiring a phone our customers.

The third concept that we will employ to gain market leadership in India is advertisement. Undoubtedly, the advertisement can significantly increase the customer base. This power will be employed to tap all the market sub-segments in India in order to assume the mobile technology leadership in the country. This concept will be used to create the awareness of our presence among our potential customers. It will be used to announce the products that HP will be offering to our customers and to show our distinction from any of our competitors.

Other concepts that will be of importance to our presence in Indian market, include: economy of scale, creativity and innovation. These concepts will be incorporated to those present in the strategic review to yield the highest chances of success in the volatile mobile market of India.

Part B: Strategy Lesson Report


Strategic management is an important concept in business. It is a management concept that makes the business competitive no matter the changes that happen both in its external and internal surroundings. It is this facet of management that allows the business to thrive even when its environment is intimidating.

Three Most Important Lessons to Remember In Strategic Management

Clarity of the business involves correct description of what is being done. The objectives of the business project should be outlined so that everybody understands them. The purposes of the project activity are explained to the parties of interest to make them have a reason to be there. All the investment details are important, showing the areas where the resources are pumped. The anticipated returns on the investments act as an assurance that the investment is not vain. Clarity also requires that the business cases available are successful and that they can be studied to give a hint of the affordability of the project. Clarity of the benefits which are being sought is an important part that seeks to show the investors that the investment details are not abstract. Clarity of the impact that the business will have on the public is crucial when trying to forecast the public attitude towards the business; something that is vital for business existence. Clarity of ownership and leadership of the business provides hints of its future direction and also how profits are likely to be shared. Clarity also includes a measure of success. Clear measures of success are important guides to the investors. When clear, the measures of success do not mislead the interested parties.


This concept shows how, when and who is managing a business entity. In this concept, several factors are important as they provide guidelines for effective management. Some of these factors are given in this report. Change management is a strategic factor that allows a business to remain stable in the event of transition. It focuses on the business facet that is influenced by change of employees, products or legal environment. Contingency management is a concept that helps the business to survive the unforeseen events in the future. Strategies for rescuing the business from unforeseen future events help the business survive the events of fire outbreaks accidents or even the natural catastrophes. Another strategic management aspect is project planning approaches. It is the facet of management that deals with putting up of schedules to be used in the implementation of the project. It makes the project plans executable and saves time for realization of the said project. Controls play a major role in strategic management because they ensure that all the rules and regulations are adhered to in order to come up with a standard product in the business. Controls serve to monitor the processes of product creation. Implementation and procurement processes are the facets of strategic management that ensure that the ideas about the business are applied in the business undertaking in order to realize the business goals. The third lesson is about people their knowledge, skills and experience. Whether the business will successfully implement its strategies depends on various aspects of its employees. These features include: part of every employee in the business, skills development, partners support, specialist requirements, education, induction and equality.


Facets of strategic management should be studied and applied appropriately to make a business clear, survive changes and thrive even where the business environment is not favorable.

Part C: Strategic Review Project Report


Strategic review project of HP established strategic elements that are important to turning it into a more competitive company and gain the leadership of the world technology. The project found the environmental review, resource and capabilities of HP and recommended some strategies to help it realize its business goals.

Last Semester

Overview of the entire project played an important role to introduce us to the subject. Given that any topic would be boring when the student does not know the path to take, the overview provided us with the necessary hints on how to manage the subject. The flow chart provided us an opportunity to focus on the desired schedule of the subject subsections. The students were also able to manage their time. Discussion with the students was an important element that allowed the students understand what others were thinking about the subject. The case studies brought experiences closer to the students making it possible for them to comprehend the topics. Complete involvement of the students in the future would make them more confident with what they have learned.

Elements of the Strategy Review

The key elements of the strategy review project include: company environment, resources and strategy. Study of the company environment revealed some aspects that are of value in the practice of business in the modern times. The trend in the industry affects firms in that industry and need to be managed if the firms have to survive. Changes, such as shift from computers to mobile phones, adversely affect the key players in the computer industry. Human health awareness and the safeguarding regulations in various countries may affect the market of a given device. Miniaturization of technology must correspond to the users’ tastes and preferences. The Porter’s five force method of environmental analysis focuses on the social factors that can affect the demand of technological devices. Although, it provides the analysis of competition and consumer factors critical in demand of the devices, the approach does not recognize the factors that are beyond human control.

Business resources and capabilities are vital in its undertaking. Analysis of these elements reveals the resources it has it possesses. These resources are, therefore, of strategic importance, and they come in the form of human resource, brands, location, market share and technology. These resources can help HP see its capabilities and develop a strategy to reach all the goals set, hence, derive financial benefits. These capabilities include: customer service, market and sales, purchasing and suppliers, product development and engineering. Although, the approach has five resources and five capabilities of strategic importance it did not dissect each of them in order to give a fine tuned focus.

The strategic review of HP provides recommendations necessary to manage the company. The recommendations come as possible options. The first option is about HP focusing on maintaining their core personal systems and printers segments. This option is good but fails to recognize the shape that mobile technology is taking; threatening to replace the use of computers with the application of mobile phones in communication technology. The second option is about HP lowering costs through standardizing of mobile devices in order to reach cost leadership. This strategy can help HP access all market segments and benefit from economy of scale. However, it does not recognize financial strategies of other companies and advises HP to abandon its already established market segment.


When employed prudently the results of the strategic review project would play a key role in changing the status of a business. The strategic review is also important among students as it touches the most pivotal aspects of strategic management.

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