Dead in the Woods Reflection

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“Dead in the Wood” documentary is a detective story that provides the results of investigations of the death of Dr. David Kelly. A British scientist who worked as a bio-weapon researcher committed “suicide” under mysterious circumstances. His death became a pushing point for investigations on the trust in politics and public security. The case of Dr. Kelly shows the uncertainty of the individual’s status because there is the pressure of politics when political becomes a personal issue.

“Dead in the Wood” is the real life story of journalists’ investigations on the “nightmare world.” The film follows the death of Dr. Kelly and its circumstances. The death that created the public debates became one of the links in the chain of mysterious disappearances, deaths, and events. The journalists found the links between Kelly’s death and the deaths of other leading researches of weapons of mass destruction. These links lead to the explosion of the issue of international conspiracy related to anthrax attacks in 2001. Further investigations provided by Bob Coen, Eric Nadler, and Stephen Dresch opened the secrets of global politics and conspiracy in the U.S. related to bio-weapon. Moreover, the investigators showed that the scientists were the only puppets on the arena of global politics. Being involved in political manipulations and scheming they became vulnerable witnesses for those in “the nightmare world.” The deaths of the witnesses were considered the only way to avoid uncovering.

The “nightmare world” is not the world of the woods in the direct meaning of the phrase, but the the labyrinth of politics with its intrigue, cabals, and machinations. “Dead in the Woods” reflects the position of those involved in such labyrinth against his or her own will. The work of Dr. David Kelly was used to demonstrate the power of “mysterious manipulators.” On the other hand, the documentary’s title emphasizes the life of politicians and those who manipulate the others as the nightmare world with its lies, madness and play with the lives of thousands and millions of people. The desire of power provokes them to depreciate the life of others as well as relationships, and morals.

The documentary introduces scientists, politicians, and assassins as those who can either save the life or induce destruction. Their main power is money, bio-weapon, and fear. The investigations on anthrax attacks in 2001 showed total fear as a result of the events caused by the mystery of new weapon. In spite of the fact that the threat was addressed to certain individuals, the fear covered a lot of citizens in different parts of the world. The understanding of the strength of new weapon led to public alarm. On the other hand, the creators of the new source of death became the most powerful mysterious force that could rule the states and countries with the help of their creation. The “international bio-weapon mafia” received the mean to affect the decisions of great politicians and control masses with the fear. This “mafia” included the representatives of different countries who, in fact, worked together in their desire and cooperation to establish control over the world regardless ostentatious hostility.

Overall, “Dead in the Wood” is not only the story of a single death but the presentation of correlations between modern researches, extended possibilities and those individuals who turn investigations into the high mean of influence. The documentary aims to attract the public attention to international conspiracy in the race for power and impact on the international arena. Besides, it shows the subordinate position of those who create this authority in the name of science. A “nightmare world” is a world of whole politician conspiracy based on lies, manipulations, and deaths of thousands. Dr. Kelly’s case demonstrates the uncertainty of the individual’s position as there is the pressure when political issue becomes a personal one.