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Not All Americans Should Have the Right to Health Care

In this research paper, I would like to argue that not all Americans should have the right to health care.

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Why Not All Americans Should Have the Right to Health Care

First, health care is a service, not a constitutional right. In the American free market, people are entitled to choose a set of services and their quality based on individual preferences and life priorities. Neither citizen should be forced to pay insurance contributions for compulsory medical care nor should providers be coerced to rendering service to those Americans who are unwilling or unable to pay for it.

Second, universal health care would lead to low-quality service, because doctors would not be motivated to work hard, enhance their competency, or gain competitive advantage through quality development (Senger, 2012).

Third, universal health care means unregulated service. In my opinion, this is one of the most disturbing arguments. Once qualified for the privilege, people would get free access to prescription drugs, such as narcotics, etc. On the one hand, this situation contains the risk of treatment violation resulting in an overdose, addiction, and adverse side effects. On the other hand, criminals and drug addicts might use it as a loophole to source the circulation of drugs in the black market. In any case, the national statistics of addictions and adverse treatment outcomes will grow invested directly by the taxpayers (ProCon Organization, 2015).

Fourth, universal health care would make citizens more irresponsible and negligent to their health. They would indulge in bad habits, ignore sports, overeat, and pursue risky lifestyles. Citizens will abandon preventive medicine as a pointless waste of time. As a result, there will be more sick people seeking treatment. Medical costs will grow exponentially. Taxpayers will revolt, and the national economic system will collapse (Gray & Van Vliet, 2009).

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It is also necessary to take into account that, due to religious considerations, some people may be against specific medical practices like abortion, artificial lung ventilation, life-sustaining treatment, etc. They should not be forced to accept these services or provide them to the other citizens through own tax payments. Moreover, geriatric patients and individuals diagnosed with terminal cases should not have the right to choose the treatment they want and not pay for it (Senger, 2012). Taxpayers should not provide for excessive or pointless treatment. Doctors should decide on the optimum and adequate scope of services.


With due regard to the arguments listed above, it is possible to conclude that not all Americans should have the right to health care. Federal and state authorities should take into account the utility, control, and cost of such legislation.

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