Geriatric Health Issues

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Marcia Ory published an article “Emerging Issues in Geriatric Care: Aging and Public Health Perspectives” in 2008 in which she identified the main geriatric issues that dramatically influence life expectancy in the USA. Undoubtedly, this article is very relevant to today’s issue relating to the quality of modern healthcare and efficient patient/ medical workers’ interactions. She accentuates her attention on the vitality of rapid and professional management of geriatric problems that will improve the current poor situation in the American healthcare system.

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Marcia Ory (2008) points out that since the 1900s life expectancy has been 47 years old; there have been approximately 3 million old Americans. However, due to rapid development in medicine, life expectancy has increased up to 75 years old. Marcia Ory’s main research problems were trying to find the relevant evidence why the rapid growth of life expectancy in the USA does not depict that American society is healthier. The main research questions are as follows: if the growth of life expectancy depicts improvements in the medical system; if bigger life expectancy guarantees a healthier nation.

The main aim of the article was to show that the deterioration of geriatric problems amid old adults leads to a rapid decrease in human lives. Most of the geriatric syndromes cannot be fully treated. She supports her point of view by pointing out that human bad habits and depression, bad social and living conditions, anxiety, and nervousness have significantly deteriorated human health, especially at an old age. The initial objectives of the article were determined to find out the current deterioration of the medical system in the USA.

Also, there were aimed at finding out what kind of better and professional medical steps must be taken in order to improve such poor conditions and increase the quality of healthcare in American society. This paper will discuss the main symptoms of geriatric diseases and solutions to them.


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Evaluation of the Research Questions

The author of the article “Emerging Issues in Geriatric Care: Aging and Public Health Perspectives” has used an experimental method of writing research. Marcia Ory (2008) firstly made a hypothesis that old adult patients living alone and having a poor diet are more likely to suffer from geriatric symptoms comparing to other people. The research type was analyzed by using the experimental method, according to which 200 selected recipients had shown that malnutrition, delirium, and depression were the leading reasons for diabetes for old adults. The author (2008) points out that malnutrition can result in weight loss or gain.

This disease signalizes that old adults do not have enough nutrients, such as vitamins B1 and D. Malnutrition can lead to changes of appetite, weakness, and diabetes. In this case, when a patient with such symptoms comes to the hospital, it is highly recommended to weigh him. According to the article, delirium can develop in an old organism as a side effect of previous drug addiction, bleeding, heart disease, urinary infections, poor vision, and problems with breathing. Sudden confusion and unconscious feeling can be the first symptoms of delirium. Lastly, the experiment has shown that depression caused by previous nervous breakdowns, family problems, and bad habits can be one of the major geriatrician syndromes.

Depression may be followed by dizziness that is characterized as a feeling of a strong headache. This terrible feeling may result in some changes in blood pressure, falling, anxiety, and spinning. The person who is suffering from dizziness can find many difficulties in sleeping and waking. The doctors say that there is always a high risk to fall and get injuries.

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Also, the author of the article has recommended implementing other experiments in order to see what other conditions may result in the health deterioration of adult patients. Also, one more experiment has been made from this article where 300 people from Massachusetts were selected. This experiment has shown that healthcare organizations must take into account gendered differences of patients while preventing and promoting programs for old adults. The author points out that if a medical worker does not pay attention to the gender peculiarities of patients, it will lead to inadequate treatment and deterioration of the disease. Marcia Ory has come to the conclusion that nowadays healthcare system needs rapid proficient improvements.

The article “Emerging Issues in Geriatric Care: Aging and Public Health Perspectives” (Ory, 2008) has been taken from the well-known website Medscape that regularly publishes some issues that occur in the modern healthcare system. The sample consists of two pages that describe the main issue and some ways how to solve the problem. The sample is appropriate for the study since the main goal of this article is to show how geriatric symptoms influence aging in the USA and how to prevent this problem.

Undoubtedly, the work of Marcia Ory is very practical for modern medical practice. One of the evidence is her suggestions on how to improve the current situation. The ways of amelioration are absolutely practical and realistic. Moreover, she pays attention to the importance of applying culture to different programs. Nowadays social and race diversity may create some kind of challenges for any medical worker. The care of old people and cultural diversity will double the challenge for the medical employee. Thus, Marci Ory suggests applying cultural training for geriatricians in order to decrease race, gender, and social differences. She offers to meet the medical needs of ethnic minorities of old adults.

She has offered the following implementation of the research results that may be applied in modern healthcare:

  1. To provide options to different targeting audiences in order to secure that the needs of all old adults are met.
  2. To establish these programs in all locations that will guarantee that geographical impropriety will not be an obstacle.
  3. To collaborate with other healthcare institutions in order to exchange medical experience in a geriatric sphere.
  4. To make programs that will collaborate with different ethnic minorities and churches that will guarantee friendly collaboration with medical and social institutions.
  5. To make medical treatment more affordable for old adults.
  6. To organize programs this will guarantee the active participation of old people in the evolution of existing programs. In this case, old people will have rights and opportunities to improve the current situation.
  7. To apply family workshops with the aim to precipitate the treatment of old adults.

The above-mentioned advice may be applied taking into account some peculiarities of human social and psychological life. A highly professional medical institution must care not only about physical deterioration but also about the mental one.

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This study can be improved by implementing health literacy programs that will educate old adults on how to take immediate action in order to manage geriatric problems. It is clear that old people face life-threatening challenges. However, they do not know how to access information about their diseases. Thus, it is clear that medical institutions must address limited health literacy among old people. Statistically, it is known that only 20% of old people know how to use the necessary health information (Ory, 2003). Most of them do not know that mass media and the Internet may provide all the important news about their diseases. For instance, search on the Internet will allow a patient not only to find basic information about the disease and its main symptoms but also to read forums where people chat and share their personal experience relating to any problem.

What is more, a person can find out about the main remedies for the disease. However, in this case, it is highly recommended to be careful, since sometimes some companies want to advertise their bad quality products. Thus, the patient may read the main symptoms of their illnesses and check advised prescriptions. If people become more health literate, they will not skip medical tests and professional medical observations. For instance, the patient will get a call or an e-mail that will memorize him about upcoming medical tests or consultations. Furthermore, it is also recommended to organize communicational courses for old patients, such as psychological training. It is known that 50% of physical recovery depends on psychological treatment.

Thus, it will be a good idea to implement pieces of training where old people have an opportunity to talk about their inner problems, such as depression, anxiety, fears, family issues, and bad adaptation after the disease. Sometimes old people are suffering from a lack of communication. They may have no families or relatives. In addition, they may have families but they want to avoid communicating with old adults. Sometimes, children are ashamed of their old parents, since they have many health issues. In these courses, families, as well as patients, will interact with each other in a different atmosphere.

It will definitely help them to release their feelings, fears, and prejudices. It is also advised to pay attention to cultural, gender, race, and ethnic differences in order to avoid discrimination. Sometimes medical workers do not pay attention to these peculiarities that lead to mistrust and unfriendly relationships. In order to avoid such cases, these courses will give hints for medical employees on how to treat people from different ethnic minorities.

The information in the article “Emerging Issues in Geriatric Care: Aging and Public Health Perspectives” (2008) is absolutely straightforward and clear since the author clearly demonstrates the main issue and offers some realistic ways to improve it. According to the research, it is clear that despite the fact that nowadays American people have a healthier lifestyle comparing to previous generations, older adults are still suffering from different types of geriatric syndromes. These syndromes invoke other diseases that terribly influence aged people.

According to the author, it is clear that urinary incontinence (that can result in urinary problems, urinary infections, constipation, and heart disease), a problem with swallowing (that can lead to aspiration and malnutrition), and sleep problems (that are usual issues for old adults since they terribly influence their quality of life) can be out of the first triggers for these syndromes. Besides, dementia (that is identified as a disease that leads to deterioration of mental activities), vision issues (may consist of the following diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and presbyopia), hearing loss (this problem causes numerous difficulties in human ordinary life), a fainting spell (the main causes of fainting are rapid changes in blood pressure, diabetes, irregular work of heart, and low blood sugar level), gait issues (that is associated with deterioration of human muscular built) may become the initial symptoms of geriatric problems.

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The above-mentioned information about geriatric syndromes that Marcia Ory has used in writing her article is absolutely straightforward and clear. Even without any medical education, a patient who will read this study will understand the first alarm that signalizes that the individual may have the problem. What is more, the author has not only explained the main factors of geriatric symptoms but also has offered some policies on how to solve this issue and what means the government must take in order to stabilize the situation.

Undoubtedly, the reader can easily catch the main point, find out about the typicality of geriatric syndromes, problems of treating old adults, and ways how to solve the problem. What is more, the researcher has used 25 scientific resources to show expertise and credible opinions relating to the reality of the American healthcare system and the treatment of people with geriatrician syndromes.

It is clear that in the 21st-century scientists and medical workers can implement other ways to solve geriatric issues. Globalized techniques, modern medical tools, and advanced medical approaches may be taken into consideration while implementing new studies in geriatric practice. What is more, alternative medicine may be also counted while treating old adults.

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All in all, the medical situation in the USA concerning rapid aging is one of the major challenges that must be appropriately addressed. Undoubtedly, Marcia Ory has demonstrated to her readers the main medical geriatric issues and solutions to them. Moreover, the author of the article “Emerging Issues in Geriatric Care: Aging and Public Health Perspectives” has accentuated that the likelihood of chronic diseases, falls, osteoporosis, dementia, pressure ulcer, dizziness, and depression are unfortunately being the main issues in modern American society amid old people.

Thus, Marcia Ory has offered a comprehensive program on how to tailor geriatric problems. What is vital, the researcher suggests applying new improving programs that will be suitable for different ethnic, social, religious, and gender minorities. It is worth mentioning that while implementing new policies, the role of globalized approaches and techniques has to be taken into consideration. Nowadays, medical workers can treat people much better due to the exchange of knowledge not only from home but also from overseas.

Modern techniques will also ameliorate the situation since newly developed medical tools may precipitate the patients’ rapid treatment. Lastly, modern healthcare systems must pay attention to the improvement of communication between a patient, a family, and a healthcare provider. The only implementation of new approaches, professional medical tools, and friendly communication will guarantee the quick treatment of old adults.