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A Cognitive Helsinki Port Essay

In our Helsinki Port essay, you will find the most relevant details about the design, expansion, and environmental awareness of constructing a port. If you are not well aware of what Helsinki Port is, it is a 10-year plan to construct the biggest port in the country. The government of Helsinki plans to spend around $15 billion on the port construction, which would give a chance to enter the list of five largest ports on a global scale. One of the primary roles of such port would be to carry the cargo from Helsinki, which remains one of the biggest cities and a capital of Finland.

The Port Design

The Port of Helsinki is planned to carry cargo in shipping containers. Constructors expect to reach the maximum capacity of three million shipping containers transferred each year, which presumes a fact that highly skilled and competent engineers will have to take care of a massive construction. Moreover, since there would be a number of employees, there should be a good port infrastructure, which would increase the performance of the port. Helsinki Port will take 6500 acres and will take more than 20 miles down the sea. Apart from transferring cargo, Helsinki port can be used as a cruise port, which will increase performance rates.

The port should have several docks to place all kinds of equipment, vessels, containers, and personnel. While speaking about proper infrastructure, there is a need to take care of transportation such as railway and highway. Helsinki port is expected to have a great deal of cargo storage areas. Moreover, it will also entail special loading zones for the cargo between containers. For proper maintenance and work of the port, there should be a town built near the port, where workers will live. The town will have all facilities needed: hospitals, banks, churches, shopping centers, etc. In addition, the Helsinki port will have its own parking lots for local residents and workers.

One of the biggest concerns of Helsinki Cruise Port is security. Engineers plan to build a security wall around the plot, which would ensure that cargo containers are protected from all sides. Moreover, there will be a separate police station that will patrol cargo loading zones and people working in the port. All possible security measures will be undertaken to ensure safety of employees and cargo stored in the port.

Possible Expansions of the Territory

As it was already mentioned, about 6500 acres of land will be used for the construction of Helsinki port. At the same time, there will be around 1600 acres left for possible expansions of the territory, which can be occupied for more loading zones or used by other processing companies. Moreover, developers predict that the port can be used as a place for tourism, which means that this free land can be utilized to build some recreation centers along the sea. It will bring high profit that will be needed for the effective maintenance of the port.

Environmental Protection

To construct the Helsinki Port, there is a necessity to remove sand, rocks, and soil from the sea bottom. It will give a chance to build channels to the port. Due to this reasons, there have been increased attention to the environmental protection issues.

Organizations that deal with environmental protection claim that port construction will negatively influence the sea bottom and disturb the life of animals and plants that live in that part of Finland. Moreover, researchers state that this specific territory of sea soil is contaminated. If one disturbs rocks, sand, and soil to build a port, the water will be even more polluted because contaminants will begin to release. Consequently, the life of animals and plants will be endangered.

The water can be even more contaminated because construction of the port will lead to the release of un-dissolved oxygen, which is produced by the planktons. To get rid of such consequences, there should be an effective sewage system through the whole area. Moreover, Helsinki Port will cause contamination under its basis due to the stagnant water, which will become contaminated after some time and will influence the aquatic life.

Finally, one should not underestimate possible discharges from the vessels apart from the improper work of the sewage system. The increase of garbage and oil wastes will lead to the increased rates of pollution and make most of local sea animals and plants extinct.

We believe that our Helsinki Port essay gives enough information about construction of the port and possible consequences, which include environmental awareness and a possible port extension.

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