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Police Brutality of African Americans in the United States


Police brutality involves the use of excessive or unnecessary force by personnel in law enforcement when dealing with suspects or civilians. There is also the common observation of using force and general brutality. In most cases in which brutality features, there is physical harm suffered by the victims, a consequence that the need for privacy is undermined. Rights protection is an essential element that guarantees that the wellbeing of populations can always be protected.

Such laws as the fourth amendment came into the effect with the primary goal of improving the rights of the public in light of the protection from unreasonable searches. The people of color have been traditionally known to suffer prejudice and wrongful perception in the law, a consequence that the need for rights protection is derailed. The implication is that the goal of societal development is not attained.

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What Is White Supremacy?

The designated value in life is based on the extent to which basic rights are considered. White supremacy has long been associated with the onset of the rights of the general public being undermined with reference to the expectation of equality. The typical observation that black drivers are more likely to be arrested during routine stops at police checks depicts the common perception that blacks are perceived to be criminals. White drivers are not as frequently arrested as black ones, an implication that white supremacy and favoritism of whites is common, the reason for the proliferation of the trend on white supremacy. The desire for equality focuses on the need to establish an environment in which equality is considered to be the most significant consideration such that the societal values that recognize the value of rights protection will always be achieved.

The amendment ensures that the application of the law must be considered any time that dealing with the public is mandatory. There has been the introduction of search warrants as legality to ascertain that the designated value and rights protection is always observed. Police brutality has often been a common subject of discussion, especially targeting people of color. The use of force has traditionally been directed to African Americans considering the perception that they have a violent personality and often prone to crime. Police brutality of African Americans in the United States is a concern that needs to be addressed in the interest of ensuring that rights protection is the significant value in consideration when dealing with the public.

Literature Review

Cassandra and Robertson (2013) investigate the relationship between racism and police brutality, especially among the black population. During the encounters, there is the occurrence of injuries with the potential that the mortality of the people of color is heightened. The injuries sustained during the encounters associated with violence usually leave the subjects susceptible and the quality of their life essentially derailed. The expectation of development and establishment of an environment of peace in which rights protection is embraced is the basis upon which the anticipated improvements can be achieved. Racist public reactions also occur and result in adverse psychological responses such that there is the observation of increased morbidity. There is also an increase in the incidences of arrest and incarcerations, a consequence that the people of color form the largest populations of inmates in the U.S. correctional system.

Menifield Shin and Strother (2019) assess whether law enforcement officers target minority suspects. The minority groups in the U.S. are identified to be more susceptibility to violence, thus the most likely to fall victim. The occurrences have also been identified to determine the perception of the public about policing and the ultimate relationship developed between the group. The idea is similar to the concepts introduced by Alang et al. (2017) in consideration of the positive improvement frameworks and the vital concerns related to rights protection. The primary objective of police work is to provide protection to the public so that the development of mistrust alludes to the positive association being undermined, an implication that the pre-determined effectiveness of policing is not realized.

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McManus, Cullen, Jonson, Burton, and Burton Jr. (2019) address the primary concern that has featured throughout President Trump’s tenure in which the emerging question is on whether black lives will matter to the police. The race relations between Trump and the general population has been determined to be deplorable, a consequence of the expectation that rights protection would be significantly undermined. The variations in the demographic groups imply that key expectations about the protection of the rights being preserved.

A true reflection about the needs of populations depends on the address of the key factors on which the designated values in the frame of policing will always remain feasible. The minority groups are observed to be the most affected, a consequence that the associated values will need to define the frame of development in the given population setting. An address of the issues determined to potentially undermine the scope of progress would be the basis of reference so that the primary elements of coping and creation of an environment based on the same would yield the vital values on the same.

Hehman, Flake, and Calanchini (2017 ) detail the approach that the police use in quelling anti-police brutality protests based on regional biases. Already there is a concern in the violence meted by the police so that a key concern emerges to focus on the approach that would be used by the police with reference to contain the public. Rights protection is the preliminary value that should be exhibited in the societal setting to meet the desire for safety in the population. The constant reference to the expectations of populations is akin to the aspects of advancement that would be realized in the frame of care. A benchmark of reference will, therefore, be established once the rights of citizens are protected.

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Lawson (2018) assesses the concept of police brutality against black women, especially due to the nature of the neighborhood in which they live. There is a high incidence of sexual assault and murder of women orchestrated by the police, an implication that the obligation of rights protection is always undermined. The reality is therefore that the nature of life faced by black women is deplorable in light of the cases of violence. The quality of life is meant to be supported by the establishment of vital policy frameworks in which the positive expectation of advancement will always remain viable for attainment and reflective of the objectives of safety.


The incidences of police brutality continue to feature in the society and effectively undermine the general quality of life and the perception of positive development that can be achieved. The consideration of the rights of citizens is key in the efforts to stop the incidences of police brutality. African Americans are the population at risk in light of the perception that they tend to be violent. Understanding the value of rights protection is imperative in the establishment of the solutions with the potential to get the best results with reference to the adjustments that could be made in the frame of policing.

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