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The Assassination of Malcolm X


Earl and Louise Little gave birth to Malcolm X in Omaha, Nebraska. The father was a Baptist minister who worked for Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. Malcolm X was a fourth born in a family of seven. Rev. Earl Little was strong advocate of the unity of African people based on self-determination. Malcolm X, just like the father, strongly challenged the social standard of the time. The father did not allow intimidation to silence his belief. The same almost cost Earl’s life. The father passed on when Malcolm X was six years of age. Earl was thoroughly beaten, left on the trolley tracks which ran over him (DeCaro 63). Due to some health problems, the mother was institutionalized hence leading to Malcolm X’s transfer to inherited foster home and later to a detention home.

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Essay on Malcolm X

In school, Malcolm X excelled more than his peers, including the whites. The tutors began frustrating him. Malcolm X dreamed to be a lawyer. However, his white teacher has told him that he would be a carpenter. This could happen because Malcolm X was black and being from that kind of race never gave him a chance to enjoy what he deserved most because of his proven ability in class (Goldman 145).

Malcolm X’s political philosophy is known to see a transition since he was referred to as being one side of a coin, while Martin Luther King – the other side. Malcolm X could not change on any thought he bore in life as result of being single-minded. Luther King could oppose most issues concerning politics or any critic that was passed on the political arena. King’s prayer was to concentrate on how to completely integrate black people into the American society. Malcolm X’s main agenda concentrated ideas on encouraging them to be in solidarity and thought of them “blacks” being separate and govern them. Malcolm X believed in his philosophy of ‘Black Nationalism’. Political philosophy required the black man to be in control of his own community (T'Shaka, 108).

Malcolm X preferred the whites being alone and blacks for themselves since African-Americans could address their issues alone and provide possible solutions. The idea of being alone was as a result of desiring independence and not involving any external party when handling their issues. The aspect of being shot sixteen times could be in existence since the whites feared that Malcolm X was uniting the Africans. This made the whites develop fear towards him. The whites enjoyed being in power and voice over everything including small areas where one was expected to apply common sense to bring the idea to a finish. Malcolm X was bored by that act of being controlled in everything hence making him to consolidate the African-Americans by forming and steering movements which were focused at serving the interests of African-Americans (Goldman, 87). Malcolm X took part in international travels encouraging the Africans to be together and be one people.

Malcolm X believed that Africans may possibly be leaders like any other nations in the white highlands. Barack Obama is one of them since he got through rifts from Senator to be the President of the United States of America. The Whites could not let the leadership opportunities go beyond their reach. To them this was like being colonized and they are the ones who encompass powers to colonize other nations. Being out of power also meant that the whites’ interests could not be adequately addressed. So, giving a token to someone to silence Malcolm X was not a big issue. The fight and desire for power made the self-interest group to take a further step to ensure that Malcolm X lost his voice permanently. Before his death, Malcolm X talked about respect for all people irrespective of their culture or color. He represented a threat to those who had self-interests and to privileged groups of both races. Malcolm X is believed to be killed because of his varied range of ideas and the aspect of being known to be a hero (Baldwin 92).

Previously Malcolm X moved to Boston from Lansing to stay with his half sister Ella. There Malcolm X met a hustler named “Shorty” Jarvis. The friend got him a job of shoe shinning at Roseland Ballroom. While on the job, Malcolm X met people whom he could supply with marijuana. Malcolm X got used to doing two jobs, one being illegal, according to the legal restrictions concerned with business activities. Moreover, Malcolm X did all sorts of drugs as well as gambling. Later he moved to Harlem in New York and finally got into crime which later landed him to Charlestown State Prison in Boston.

Malcolm X was relocated to the Prison Colony in Norfolk, Massachusetts. While in Norfolk, his brother, Reginald, introduced him to the Nation of Islam (NOI). The organization was started in 1930 by Wallace D. Fard. It was an organization consisting of black Muslims who had a belief that blacks were more superior than whites hence the need to eliminate them. Elijah Muhammad took over the organization after Fard mysteriously disappeared in 1934. Muhammad called himself the “Messenger of Allah”. Malcolm X learnt more about NOI using the extensive library in Norfolk prison after discovering education. Malcolm X later began writing to Muhammad on a daily basis. Thereafter, Malcolm X converted to NOI thereby keeping off the drug habit. He later became a proficient writer (Breitman, 120).

After he was released from the prison, Malcolm X went to Detroit and became the devoted follower of the NOI. Muhammad became the mentor and hero for him. Malcolm X adopted the NOI’s tradition by replacing his last name with X, which was a complication of the African-American identity. Malcolm X then became a minister and a journalist. He wrote many papers and founded the NOI’s newspaper. Malcolm X got married to Betty Sanders, a young nurse, in January 14, 1958. They were blessed with six daughters. The CBS later aired the documentary “Nation of Islam: The Hate that Hate Produced”. Malcolm X’s dynamic speech got attention of all the American citizens. He had vigilant claims that blacks were superior. Furthermore, he opposed the non-violent strategies which made him carry interviews across the social network field (Sagan, 42).


Malcolm X was a follower of Elijah Mohammed who was made to believe in the religion of mankind. But Malcolm X did not believe on the same since, on the basic of color, it was against people. He was against segregation and racism on the basis of Islamic faith. Malcolm X then understood that there was no need to judge a person on the basis of skin color (Placeholder, 170). This had to be based on behavior that was justifiable and just enough to be used. Malcolm X became a renowned fellow in America because of the articles he wrote and his strong speeches that made a distinction between the whites and African-Americans. Malcolm X’s views worried a large number of Americans, more so, the whites, since they were the direct recipients of the message being cited. Countless number in the white society feared that Malcolm X's policy would stimulate crowd violence touching whites.

Due to the fear imposed on the whites by Malcolm X, they had to strategize on how to lay Malcolm X under feet so that they may continue having their freedom. This led to the fall of the hero who disturbed the whites in America for very long time. This had to be planned through shooting fifteen bullets into his body when he planned to deliver his speech (DeCaro 12).

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