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Albert Beveridge was a leading proponent of the US policy of expansionism. However, in 1898, the Anti-Imperialist League was created. Its aim was to oppose the plans of the USA to expand its territory by acquiring the Philippine Islands (Beveridge, para 8). Albert Beveridge was very popular in his country. He was considered a strong US advocate of colonial expansion. At the same time, his appeals to the nations to consider the destiny of foreign neighbors were not always clearly understood. Albert Beveridge thought that it would be critical for the USA to control Cuba and Philipines during the twentieth century.

When making a speech, Beveridge said that the former possessions of Spain would not be able to govern themselves.  He admitted that the idea was not worth considering. He also asked whether people wanted to return under the control which they desired to get out of. However, Beveridge noted that independence was not the right decision for those countries. He said that the United States should continue pursuing its goal, i.e. expand its territory. He thought that the main aim of America was to save the whole world (Beveridge, para 10),

Though, the expansion of the US territory was supported by Beveridge, the Anti-Imperialist League was formed to oppose it strongly. The league was also against the idea of the Hawaii annexation. It was against signing the peace treaty between Spain and America to end the cold War. As a result, America would join the Philippines and started the military operation against the Filipino rebels.

League was convinced that the Imperialism idea was ridiculous. They believed that it would ruin the principles of liberty. The League said it would reelect everyone who was going to subjugate people just to maintain non-American interests. Surely, the ideas of two parties were opposing. There was a big difference between them. On the other hand, they had much in common. The key point of the dispute was the republic of Philippines. Everyone would agree that it had to be saved from war. However, the methods for it had to differ from those used by the USA. Albert did not change his opinion. He still thought that Philippines had to be controlled by the United States. According to the League, everything had to be done in a diplomatic way. Thus, all problems could be solved. The League said that it was wrong to rule Filipinos without the consent. Its members admitted that the United States of America were very powerful. However, it was not good to use its authority to repress other countries (Anti-Imperialist League, para 1).

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