How Psalm 119 View Law

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The idea of law in Christian religion is vital for understanding the principles of the universe and find out what the desired behavior for every believer is. Also, the idea of law reflects the idea of Divine commandments that can be found in the Psalm 119.

Analyzing Psalm 119, it can be seen from the first verse that law in this Psalm means law of the Lord. According to the verses 29 and 30, the law of God is the way of truth, in contrast to the ways of lying. So, following the law is the preferable way of behavior. As it is shown further throughout the Psalm, keeping the law of the Lord means to follow His commandments, as well as His statutes and precepts. So, every word of God is the law. The verse 142 tells us that His law is true.

The law, if it is considered to be every Lord’s word and commandment, can be seen in the Psalm in two levels. In the first level, the law of God is described as universal law. The verse 89 tells about Lord’s words, that they are settled in heaven forever. Speaking about establishing of the earth and common fitness of things, verses 90-91 describe the God’s law as the main principle, lying in the basis of every existing phenomenon.

Another level of God’s law can be seen in the appropriate way of behavior, described in the Psalm. In this meaning, the law of the Lord are His prescriptions to every human being. The universal order of the things is the God’s order prescribed to every person. The major part of the Psalm is devoted to the description of the necessity for everybody to obey the law of the Lord, as the main requirement for having the support from the God (verses 41, 62).

So, the law in the Psalm 119 is shown as the divine force, reflected by the principles of universe organization and the God’s prescriptions to the people.