Free Philosophy Essays

Expository Essay on Skepticism essay

Scepticism describes the tendency of an individual to doubt or disbelieve some knowledge or facts. It is a popular misconception by people that sceptics are people who disbelieve things (Dunning, 2014). More so, the common word “sceptical” supports this misconception. As a result, being ...

Healthy People 2020 Impact Paper essay

Disability is increasingly becoming one of the major health concerns in the world. According to the 2011 World Health Organization, 15% of the world's population has a disability (Vornholt et al., 2018). However, this estimation is considered low because every country has different definitions of ...

How Psalm 119 View Law essay

The idea of law in Christian religion is vital for understanding the principles of the universe and find out what the desired behavior for every believer is. Also, the idea of law reflects the idea of Divine commandments that can be found in the Psalm 119. Analyzing Psalm 119, it can be seen from ...

Legalization of Recreational Marijuana essay

Introduction In this paper, I will consider whether the recreational use of marijuana is morally justified from the perspective of the utilitarianism theory. Due to the growing public concern over the scandal issue of marijuana legalization, it remains a highly uncertain issue seeking final and ...

Medieval Philosophies essay

The article Medieval Philosophies What Are They, and Why? by Georgy Gereby sheds more light to the notion of medieval philosophy. The author shows that the subject under discussion is not as simple as one may think at first glance. It has particular problems and difficulties on different levels. ...

Introduction to Philosophy essay

Abstract The key purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the philosophical thought of Bernard Williams concerning the issue of utilitarianism and integrity and evaluate the claim that the key disadvantage of utilitarianism lies in the fact that it fails to regard personal integrity in the way. ...

Personal Philosophy of Nursing essay

Introduction Being a noble profession, nursing pertains to the care provided in the medical arena, by the nursing fraternity towards the provision of medical assistance to existent patients (both those admitted and the discharged convalescents). This is achieved through various pertinent procedural ...

Olympic Games as a Political Instrument essay

1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games in Seoul were the 24th occurrence of the greatest sports event in the world. In spite of the threats posed by the local and regional political conflicts, Seoul Olympics became the first boycott-free Olympics during the last 12 years, which designated overcoming the ...

Personal Philosophy of Leadership essay

Discuss Your Definition of Leadership and What Has Influenced This Definition There are many definitions of leadership based on character traits of legendary leaders, situational leaders or impact leaders have on their followers. It is hard to find a definition that caters for all situations ...

Philosophy Ethics essay

Question 1: Philosophical Discussions on Ethics Students enjoy Rosenstand’s lively and relatable work and discuss it through the use of fiction narratives, popular comic strips and even contemporary film. Through story analysis, storytelling and using examples from film and fiction, ...

Education and Epistemology in Locke and Rousseau’s Philosophy essay

Education and Epistemology Education is often a form of learning through which knowledge is shared from one generation to another. It ensures that individuals acquire certain skills or practices that are necessary for their day to day living. The need for education in our societies has intensified. ...

Religion and Philosophy essay

Introduction Religion and philosophy are the areas of knowledge that have always been interesting for the researchers. Thanks to these sciences, mankind may answer the most valuable questions, which determine the sense of life and further development. However, many people do not realize the ...
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