Free Philosophy Essays

Expository Essay on Skepticism essay

Scepticism describes the tendency of an individual to doubt or disbelieve some knowledge or facts. It is a popular misconception by people that sceptics are people who disbelieve things (Dunning, 2014). More so, the common word “sceptical” supports this misconception. As a result, being ...

How Psalm 119 View Law essay

The idea of law in Christian religion is vital for understanding the principles of the universe and find out what the desired behavior for every believer is. Also, the idea of law reflects the idea of Divine commandments that can be found in the Psalm 119. Analyzing Psalm 119, it can be seen from ...

Medieval Philosophies essay

The article Medieval Philosophies What Are They, and Why? by Georgy Gereby sheds more light to the notion of medieval philosophy. The author shows that the subject under discussion is not as simple as one may think at first glance. It has particular problems and difficulties on different levels. ...
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