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What Is Bullying?

Example of Abstract to Essay about Bullying

Bullying is a regular teasing, intimidation and generally negative behavior of one person toward the other one or toward the group of people. Bullying includes various carping on trifles. As a rule, it is completely unjustified. Bulling is a desire to isolate a person or a group of people from others through spreading dirty rumors and gossips. Psychologists regard the insults, threats, and denial of trust as some kind of bullying.

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What Is Bullying?

The first time the word "bullying" was used to describe the negative process in the work by English journalist E. Adams in 1990. One should not confuse mobbing and bullying. In the case of mobbing, a group of people presses the victim. In bullying, it is one to one conflict. A typical bully is a skillful liar. He/she is capable of offhand. It is easy for him/her to change his/her mask. Bully tries to convince others that he/she is active and talented. But it is not true, because his/her main energy goes on bullying. The main subject of this research is bullying. In this persuasive essay about bullying different types of bullying are described, and features that help to recognize the bully and ways of finding the solution to this problem.

Example of Introduction to Essay about Bullying

Bullying is taking advantage of the person through causing physical, emotional or intellectual harm.

It is continually renewing behavior, mostly based on unfounded criticism, faultfinding, interdiction, and isolation. The person is isolated and differently treated. For reaching such a result shouting, verbal and written warnings and a lot of other naughty things are used. At work, this may appear through accusations of underperformance.

Tyranny has three key components:

  • taking advantage of the power;
  • doing harm;
  • action against the will of another person.

What Is the Purpose of Bulling?

Why do people engage in bullying? The purpose of bullying is to hide inadequacy. It has nothing to do with management. Thus, anyone who chooses to bull as a method to show the advantage is inferior. So as a result, the force, with which a person presses another person, determines the degree of his/her inferiority.

Bully brings his/her sense of inferiority to the others in order to:

  1. Avoid a collision with his/her sense of inferiority and the need to do something about it.
  2. Avoid accepting responsibility for his/her behavior.
  3. Reduce his/her fear to realize that he/she is a weak, inferior and often incompetent individual.

Bullying is an inefficient way of working, which results in frustration, demoralization, demotivation, and isolation. Oppressed workers often quit such jobs. So as a result, the turnover of workers does not stop and this leads to low productivity and profitability.

Bullying is the basis of discrimination, harassment, abuse, prejudice, violence, and conflicts. Bullying is one of the most important social issues of these days.

Bullying Is a Form of Abuse

Bullying is a form of abuse. Bullies and incompetent employees often do everything to make their victims be silent. They use disciplinary actions, dismissal, and harassment. Most of all bullies are afraid to reveal their inadequacy and incompetence. They can not publicly explain their behavior.

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Bully is a person who:

  • has not learned how to take responsibility for his/her behavior;
  • wants to enjoy the benefits of the adult world, but does not want to take responsibility and to fulfill the necessary conditions, which make part of the adult world;
  • disclaims any responsibility for their own behavior;
  • does not want to notice the effects of his/her behavior toward the others;
  • does not want to recognize that there may be other, better ways of behaving.

Bullying is intrusive and mandatory. Serial bullies can not exist without victims. Despite their appearances, bullies have low self-esteem and because of this, they feel insecure. Their low self-esteem is the main indicator of bullying. A fear that their inferiority will be open to others borders paranoia.

Bullies suffer from anger, resentment, bitterness, and hatred and often have a wide range of bias. This serves as a means to become angry with others. Bullies are ruled by envy and jealousy. The disclaimer is another strong motivation for bullying. Bullies are people who do not learn the consequences of their actions. Since childhood, they have learned how to avoid the consequences of their bad behavior through the instinctive reaction of denial and pretending that they are victims.

At a Christmas party in Triston the 18 years old boy was beaten by a group of guys and this video was posted on the Internet. When he was dying on the floor, murderers and observers were continuing to entertain themselves at the party.

The Article "The Myths of Bullying" by Cloud (2012)

The article "The Myths of Bullying", written by Cloud (2012), tells about bullying in the USA. At the forefront of discussion in March 2012, there are several bullying-related cases, including a school shooting in Chardon, Ohio and an LGBT hate crime committed by Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers University student. Topics discussed include the following topics: statistics of the cases related to bullying; bullying as an epidemic that may be exaggerated; the unforeseen economic and administrative consequences of vague bullying legislation; targeting of anti-bullying programs toward bystanders of bullying who fail to do anything to stop it; how to make those programs more effective; and programs aimed at the victims.

If your child is a victim of bullying, you must save the evidence of the event. You have to make a copy of messages and stay cool. You can further frighten the child with your reaction to the fact that he/she told you. The main task is emotional support. You should not underestimate the importance of aggression against your child, but also should not be scared. You need to give the child confidence that the problem can be overcome. Never punish or restrict the child's actions in response to recognition. Talk with the child cares about the situation. Repeat simple safety rules, which you must keep to while using the Internet. Give advice on further prevention of cyber-bullying. The single conversation will not be enough.

Bullying is manifested not only in schools. Often people feel under constant pressure at work. The quibbles do not give work quietly and they poison the existence. For example, his/her own statement is made against the colleagues` failures. Psychologists cannot reach a consensus about the causes of bullying. They have not been formed yet. Rather, there are several reasons. Some blame testosterone that causes the action of pressing everybody around. Others said that the first cause is a special upbringing. Another claim that an important factor is the social traditions that are established in the world.

Psychological Types of People Who Are Prone to Bulling

British psychologists have even brought some psychological types of people who are prone to bulling.

It is usually a woman. The main goal is to create the impression of a good, caring and compassionate person. In fact, the arrogant nature, incompetent in the field of professional activity is hidden behind the deceptive face. She can show the hidden anger if you try to ask for a better performance of her own duties.

It is usually a man. Bullies of this type of dream of recognition and respect, but that they have a lack of professionalism in their field. In fact, they do not want to do this because it requires the efforts which they do not want to make. They are deprived of intelligence but are constantly trying to prove that they are good in their field. All their meager knowledge is directed at the improvement of deception, fraud, flattery, and intrigue.

"Mentors". They differ from others, because, in general, they are competent in the professional field, usually in a highly technical field. Their weakness is social communication skills. These people are insensitive. They have not developed emotions. They are not able to display the warm human feelings.

"Observer". It is usually a man. He is intellectual, but he is not capable of empathy. He does not feel guilty and remorseful. He gets great satisfaction when he is inciting people against each other, and he acts as an observer. He likes to control the flow of information, control the decision-making, especially in human resources. As an artist, he uses a type of "I am!".

Experts note that there is a difference between men-bullies and women-bullies. Men are more aggressive and tend to show physical strength, the threat of force. Women are more subtle, they try to hide their negative intent to deceive. If they need to use pressure and aggression to achieve their goals, they are likely to use t men than do it by themselves.

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Example of Conclusion to Essay about Bullying

To summarize all said above, it should be mentioned that bullies create their own world, second reality, in which the victim is sucked, and he/she is forced to live in this created reality with the pseudo laws. Therefore, the main task is to bring the person back to the real world. Bully skillfully manipulates the person. He/she make the victim doubt in own abilities and skills. So the most important thing is to explain to the person what happened to him/her, to show the true picture, to return his/her self-confidence and to tell him/her how to act in such situations in which he/she is. Only psychologists are well-qualified and able to do this. But this is pertaining to getting rid of the effects of bullying. The victim has to get out of a situation where he/she is attacked and harassed.

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