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Philosophy of Education Essay Example

The Main Role of Education

The main role of education is to teach children how to cope with their social life. It also helps children to figure out what they want to do with their lives. The rationale for education is essential for the child to grow. Children learn not only English, science, or mathematics at school, but develop their speaking and social skills. Self-efficient teachers are aware of the well-being of their students and each teacher has his own approach and method in teaching. Some teachers lecture directly to their students while others employ the inquiry-based method of learning. Apart from the professional development of a child, the teacher also stimulates social interactions to give valuable instructions on how to live a decent life.

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Children can create different strategies and ideas to solve the problems of working in a team. It assists the child in realizing the importance of helping others as well as getting help from others. It is a well-known fact that children learn to apply practical skills much better. They can also be taken to experiment with those examples of the topics they have learned in class. By reading out loud, listen to explanations, children learn better.

The needs of the children are specific and they must always be fulfilled if they are to learn and grow without external interferences. Moreover, children need healthy and nutritious food, enough sleep, cleanliness and regular medical checkups. They also need to feel secure in the environment they are brought up in, and while being with other children as well TV sets are useful classroom equipment as it has an educational purpose and can be interesting for the children. The curriculum of a classroom must have certain "basics" that assist the child’s emotional, social, physical and intellectual development. Children also need to have the basic tools for working such as pencils, pens, markers and books or computers, and television should be used only for educational programs.

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Good Learning Environment

The feature of a good learning environment is a conducive environment, which has any distractions for children to work in. Its main task is to help them to focus on their work and be able to see clearly. In order to qualify as a teacher, an individual should have qualities like passion, classroom management, content knowledge, and leadership. Teachers serve several roles and each role needs specific qualities to possess as teachers fulfill the social and emotional needs of their students.

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