The Value and Problems Associated with Youth Sports

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The youth sport is a perfect way to spend leisure time with a beneficial effect on health and mind. However, there are various aspects, both positive and negative, influencing the expectations and preferences of young people, their parents, and coaches. The youths engaged in sports improve their fitness, develop physical skills and moral values. However, the injuries, insufficient financial support or misunderstanding of the real values can bring a negative effect. Although sport is valuable for the health and well-being of young people, there are numerous problems since it requires a personal approach and wise coordination of a young athlete.

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Primarily, the positive issues related to youth sports include physical and psychological benefits for young athletes. Youth sports are a perfect solution to conduct a healthy lifestyle since many young Americans suffer from obesity and overweight. For most teenagers, involvement in sports at a young age can not only save their health but also prevent harmful behavior. It is evident that young people engaged in sports are more likely to eat healthy food, develop friendships, and feel satisfied. However, young athletes should participate in the sport only after the accurate examination of individual readiness and opportunities. Otherwise, the child will not be happy and active but stressed and exhausted.

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Hence, there are negative issues related to youth sports as well. The principal problem is in the injuries that a child can obtain during the training or competitions. Despite the range of preventive measures, this risk always remains. Also, the athlete’s endeavors often require a lot of costs and not all families can allow it. Hence, the youngster with skills but without financial opportunities would feel frustrated and unhappy. Finally, the children tend to face immense pressure to win that affects their acceptance of the sport and decreases the academic performance at school.

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The principal aim of the sport is to provide the benefits to the athletes, but coaches, parents, and players add personal involvement. The attitude of parents towards the participation of the youngsters in sports is immense as they are principal decision-makers when the child is at a young age. Parents advise and support their children, thus helping them to overcome the difficulties and gain success. However, they often concentrate on winning and forget about the opportunities of their child. Hence, it can lead to stress and anxiety when the youngster cannot perform well enough to be the best of all players.

The coaches play an extremely influential role in the acceptance of the sport by a young athlete. Their personal example is the principal in creating a good image. Young people often tend to look like strong, powerful, and successful people, and the coaches are perfect role models for many of them. However, this personal interference can become destructive in case of the implementation of the wrong tactics towards the young players. Most often, it happens when they do not realize that young people are not professionals and apply hard physical punishment practices or allow to play only the best ones. Hence, it is crucial to create a positive atmosphere in youth sports.


Organized youth sports are fostering the physical and mental activities that are vital to the health of young people. Thus, whether the youth sports will be beneficial or problematic for young athletes depends on them personally, their parents, and coaches. If everyone will be in the right place and understand their values, responsibilities, and opportunities, the youth sports will become a blessing for the future life of the youngsters.

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