Extreme Sports and Their Role in Society

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Risk and Danger Become Vital for People

Nowadays, daily life is full of predictable and routine activities. That is why risk and danger become vital for people. As the athletes demonstrate their skills, some people admire the mastery of the athletes, while others think that the athletes are freaks who do not care about their health. These opinions are the result of a misunderstanding between both categories. The majority may think that the routine riskless life is good for everyone and should become a lifestyle of every person. However, some individuals disagree with this idea and do their best to demonstrate the beauty and power of risky activities.

Extreme Sports a Challenge for the Community

There are many issues that make extreme sports a challenge for the community. The fundamental argument is the costs of treating injured athletes. Of course, extreme sports are health and life-threatening activities, which means that athletes may have different injuries and dangerous consequences. Medical care is expensive, especially when it comes to the treatment of a number of athletes. The taxpayers provide the athletes with medical services and question why they must pay for such foolish actions. The public purse suffers from frequent performances of the athletes, even if the athletes are not injured. Public property is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced after their performances. As a result, extreme sports are the source of announcing and public dissatisfaction.

However, other people say about completely different values of extreme sports in modern society. Even if people want to avoid danger and minimize daily risk, some individuals cannot follow them. They need a portion of adrenaline. Safe and routine life makes them look for danger in other deviant activities including drugs, alcohol, crimes, and reckless driving. Everyone knows that people who prefer risk and danger have increased levels of dopamine, a chemical element that makes people feel pleasure and joy. It was interesting for me to find out that risk-taking behavior is rooted in the brain structure, not in the lifestyle.

Besides, extreme sports athletes are often called “Type T’ (for thrill-seeking) people. I liked the idea that some people do not realize that risk-taking behavior is not always connected with mountain climbing or other kinds of dangerous sports. Type T people are the rulers of society and true leaders. They are the one, who is not afraid of taking a risk and innovating something new. Today, life would be completely different if some people did not disagree to lead a normal and usual life. Some people have to broaden the limits of conscious and human abilities. They are fed up with normality. They break the stereotypes and prejudice in order to create something extremely genius and new. However, T-personalities may be dangerous. They also need to be limited in their activities in order not to worsen the matters by improving them. T-people are vital for society and are responsible for its progress and development in the entire life.

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Extreme Sports Are Great

Some people are unaware of the advantages of taking a risk making mistakes. They think that athletes do not appreciate their health and life. The individuals who are involved in extreme sports must be physically fit in order to thrill the society. Healthy lifestyle and everyday exercising are important elements of preparation for performance. While the athletes train hard and are physically active, people who criticize them play videogames and eat junk food. One of my favorite ideas is the following: it is cheaper to pay for the treatment of broken knee than to pay for obesity and heart serious problems provoked by a physically passive lifestyle.

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