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33 People Are Killed with Guns Every Day in America

Gun Control Essay Introduction

The issues connected with gun control belong to the most discussed ones in the world and in the United States in particular. It is totally problematic to find a balance between its use and control, taking into account the level of violence and irresponsibility of modern society. A great number of the accidental deaths caused by firearms force the authorities to consider new measures to restrain access to the firearms, including the purchase, storage, and use. Among the defenders of gun rights, there are many people who cannot realize the whole danger of the weapons. For this reason, the gun control policy of the USA authorities is totally reasonable because of the importance of the safety and prosperity of honest citizens.

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Gun Control Essay Background

The questions related to the use of firearms are considered in legal, social, philosophical, and other spheres. The weapons can bring both benefits and harm to a society where the law allows its free possession and use. At the international level, there is no single and clear list of rules regarding this problem. In fact, each country determines the limits and measures of responsibility for those who are able to get a gun or a rifle and conditions for obtaining a permit for the firearms.

In the United States, gun laws regulate all kinds of ammunition and firearms manipulation; hereby, the sale, possession, and use are under the state authorities’ control. Moreover, there is a system of federal firearm laws, which can be broader or more limited and sometimes do not comply with the common legislation. Actually, gun policies in the United States are primarily based on two opposite points of view and are supported by two groups of gun control and gun rights activists (“Gun Control in the United States” 15).

The question concerning gun control is very complex. On the one hand, firearm use by private individuals can aid in cases when self-defense is needed, but on the other hand, it can lead to dire consequences. It is vital to understand that the firearm is a dangerous weapon and every weapon is a source of violence in any form. It is especially sad when the victims of cruelty are weak and defenseless children. According to media statistics, a number of people killed by guns, including accidental death, suicide, and homicide, between events in Newtown and December 2013 are 12042 persons, and the most recent estimates of yearly data by CDC inform about 51,158 victims in the period between Newtown accident and 2014 (Light, Feeney, and Kamp). Thus, the number of total injuries as a result of gun violence since January 2014 is 17199 (Gun Violence Archive).

Moral responsibility for the acquisition of firearms is a private affair of each individual. The Obama administration's intentions to improve gun control laws are reasonable and far-sighted, but the state is unable to monitor the individual motives of everyone who has permission and is going to buy a gun or a rifle. Many questions concerning the weapons control should be regulated with public participation and be a matter of conscience of every separate member of society in particular.

Gun Control Essay Supporting Evidences

There are a lot of supporters of the maintenance or introduction of the legalization of the weapons. Nevertheless, a great number of citizens have very strong arguments for the improvement of gun control laws, and they support the intentions of the authorities (for example, in America) to improve these laws (Wagner and Machnowski). Apparently, here are the most important reasons against a wide spread of firearms among the civilian population:

  • The gun control should be stricter because imperfect legalization on weapons increases the level of aggression in the relationship between people and triggers a number of crimes and murders, including domestic homicides. It also increases the probability of the “accidental” deaths of innocent people and, as a consequence, overall violation of safety standards.
  • The legalization of forbidden guns creates the illusion of getting something special and extremely attractive. It provokes the expansion and non-hidden expression of the public interest in the arms. A great number of people desire to buy weapons not because of feeling a threat of attack but because of the stereotype that it is quite “normal” to have it at home. However, it should be noted that unlike someone who is able to buy a gun, most of the responsible people will not have an opportunity to protect themselves (because of lack of money or other reasons) from the wealthy owners of weapons and will mainly remain unarmed.
  • A firearm is a serious tool and should be used in a proper way, but it is not always possible to learn how to do this perfectly.
  • The elderly and children as the weakest and vulnerable members of society may suffer because of the weapons imprudence. The tragedies in American schools of Newtown, Connecticut, and others are the obvious reasons, which should lead to gun control improvement. There are numerous examples of shootings in schools, theaters, and universities, with many victims in the whole world as well as the areas in different states where walking is not advised because of a real threat of being shot.
  • Previously, criminals could rely only on the weapons stolen from the police, factories, or military structures, but with the legalization of weapons, its amount dramatically increases due to a theft from the shops.
  • It is not enough to check and give permission to a citizen for weapons purchase. The authorities must control it and not allow a very wide range of people, who are far from the permits and licenses and can use weapons just for fun, to obtain permission.
  • In the states without strict gun control, the criminals have no need to hide their weapons for fear of being caught with it. Buying a permit, they can easily walk with it in public places. However, for honest citizens, it is ineffective to fight with fists against someone with a gun, and a chance of remaining safe could become much slighter.
  • There are too many ways of getting illegal permission so that the weapon can have everyone who wants it.
  • The legalization of the free sale of firearms in different countries would lead to the serious changes in the social culture, stereotypes, and interpersonal relationships, and it would require many people to address the issues of the weapons’ choice, training in its use, storage, maintenance, and limiting the access of children, among others. (Kates and Mauser).
  • Currently, an international legislative framework does not correspond to a society with a high degree of firearms possession.

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During the years of discussions in the whole world, the main argument for the storage and use of the weapons remains an opportunity to protect oneself and one’s relatives from the criminals (Moorhouse and Wanner). It would also be fair to consider the arguments of gun ownership supporters:

  • Those who keep in touch with the criminal world are willing to have firearms, as they perceive it as a necessity. The honest citizens in different countries who have no opportunity to buy or use weapons remain unarmed when facing bandits, rapists, and murderers, among others.
  • Everyone can receive an additional guarantee of security by having a gun. In fact, only in the rarest cases, legal weapons can be used for the commission of crimes and, at the same time, as a quite effective help to repel an attack, increasing the chances of a person to escape unscathed. A gun is a dangerous weapon, which can save one’s life.
  • The criminal trade of arms will be stopped; thus, the citizens, whose possession of weapons is a secret now will be uncovered and they will need to register their arms. It should allow a state to keep control over activities and gun reserves. Moreover, arms sales can serve as a stimulating factor for domestic arms factories, retail, and other structures.
  • If a state as a protector of human rights establishes the clear and strict criteria for the sale, storage, and possession, the guns will not be given in the wrong arms.
  • It is plenty of miscreants who can kill a person with a fist or a knife, but it should not be an excuse not to allow law-abiding citizens a freedom to protect themselves.
  • The general analysis of a situation shows that a level of crime in the countries with the free sale of weapons is not higher and often lower than in the states with stricter laws.
  • Any offender will be wary because of resistance from a citizen with a gun who can defend themselves by force in the so-called “free society” and does not belong to a privileged part of society only.
  • The practice of free sale and bear arms is not alien to the stereotypes of social behavior, traditions, and culture in some states. For example, American history shows that the use of weapons in the home, pubs, and outdoors, among others, was a usual way of Americans’ life.
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Additional Argument for Gun Control

Summarizing, it becomes obvious that there are more reasons for gun control improvement than against it. In addition, there is another extremely important argument, namely the maintenance of psychological health.

In fact, only one shot can change the life of an ordinary law-abiding person forever, and it does not matter whether it is a tragic accident or self-defense. If a person is still alive, the effects of the shot are not so harmful to the shooter. However, the situation when the shot becomes a cause of someone’s death can trigger a deep psychological trauma for a decent man. Although a killed person may be the culprit, the one using a gun or a rifle to defend themselves commits a crime against nature even if they act under the influence of circumstances. The most severe and inexcusable becomes a situation when those (for example children) who should be protected by the firearms kept at home suffer, get injured, or die. The very nature of the weapons is to cause pain and trigger losses. For many people, the concept of “non-resistance to evil by force” is not the main principle in the modern world. Buying a gun or a rifle, very few people think about life after the shot, but every action has its consequences and a person who deals with the firearms should be extremely responsible and provident.

Gun Control Essay Conclusion

  1. Stricter gun control laws will assure society protection.
  2. Guns make it easy to kill or injure a person, or even many people, in a short timeframe.
  3. When owing a gun, there is a 43 times higher likelihood of killing a family member, friend, or neighbor than an intruder.
  4. The prevalence of suicide is 5 times higher in homes having guns.
  5. The United States accounts for only 5% of the world’s population, U.S. residents own 50% of guns in the world.

The research proves that gun control must remain in the spotlight of the authorities because it can positively influence the level of citizens’ physical and moral comfort. Firearms can aid in restoring public order and self-defense only if it is used cautiously and in exceptional cases. The widespread use of weapons could contribute to the escalation of violence in society. Some people may feel permissive, while others can suffer from fear and discomfort. The improvement of gun control can prevent many accidents. Responsible people should always remember that the purpose of any weapon is to murder, and anyone who uses weapons can become a killer even against their will.

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