Why I Deserve Jewelry Watches

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Jewelry, as well as other accessories, has always been a women’s passion. They are these little details that complete the image and make a young lady look fashionable. However, fancy accessories, for example, watches, are quite expensive, especially for the twenty-two-year-old girls. Since I cannot afford such a watch, I have to ask my parents to purchase it for me, however, due to specific features of my parents’ characters an individual approach should be found out.

How to Persuade Mother

A conversation with my mother will be easier as she will probably understand why I need this watch. It is the desire of every young woman to look beautiful. However, I have to take into consideration that she is a woman who has learned how to manage her finance.

Luckily, we both share similar tastes in fashion and especially in accessories, therefore, I would take her to the store and show her the watch I want. I am convinced that she would love the design and will not be able to resist the beauty of the watch while holding it in her hands.

Nevertheless, my mother is a grown-up and wise woman and she can resist temptations of buying things that she adores. Then I will introduce my next argument. The intricate design of the watch is suitable for almost any occasion, with the casual outfit for every day as well as in case of an official event with a fancy dress. It will fit with anything, and it is a unique and gorgeous accessory that is perfect for every day, and with any outfit, it will match. Moreover, let’s not forget that it is a watch, so it will be highly useful and practical and at the same time will decorate my wrist.

How to Persuade Father

The person who makes major financial decisions is in our family is my father. He is a very practical man, and the idea of spending a great amount of money on the watch may not sound rational. The fact that the watch is incredibly pretty will have very little effect on him. Therefore, I will have to take a more practical approach with him in order to prove that this purchase is worth it.

First of all, I will start by listing the number of benefits the watch has. It is wiser to buy one watch of high quality instead of several of a low quality which is easily damaged. Also, it fits any kind of clothing, therefore, in the future, I will not ask for one more watch. Moreover, considering the fact that the majority of watches in this class have a life-long warranty that one covers any damages. Therefore, this watch, in theory, can work for a long time.

My second argument is that in order to organize my time better I need a watch in any way. This watch will help me to accomplish everything on time and do not fail an important meeting or exam because of a lack of time. Applying for a job this watch will help me to make a better impression on the prospective employers and create an image of a stylish young lady. And the last argument will be announcing the price of the watch.

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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Pathos describes an emotional appeal to the audience. And since women are very emotional by nature, appealing to emotions is the best way to persuade them. Therefore, with my mother, I used pathos, as I wanted to reach her emotional level and to make her understand why I want it so much. Being my main force of persuasion pathos helped me to make a really passionate speech to touch my mother’s emotional side.

In conversation with my mother and father, I used logos. Logos represent the logical appeal and intend to simulate logical reasoning in order to persuade the audience, even when the arguments might not be completely logical. Since my mother understands the value of money very well she does not simply give in to emotions. Therefore, I had to add logical appeal by saying that the watch is universal and will go with all kinds of clothing. Since my father has a rational approach to everything, just like any other man, I had to use pathos with him, informing him of the positive effects the watch will have in the areas he is interested in and that will make sense to him.

Ethos appeals to the authority of the person presenting and this person’s authority in a particular subject. I had to use this approach with my father as well, in order to make the impression that I know the watch market very well. I made an impression as if I know all the aspects of the watch purchasing and the benefits that come with it.

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