Texting and Driving Persuasive Essay Sample

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Texting and Driving Persuasive Essay Introduction

Today any person can use his/her smartphone to keep in touch with the fellows 24 hours per day. As a result, modern society suffers from the drivers using gadgets while steering their cars (“Texting, driving don't mix”, 2007).

Texting While Driving Persuasive Essay Body Paragraphs

The accident statistics may be used to fight with texting while driving. Different surveys had shown that texting while driving increases the risk of getting into the accident from ten to twenty times (“Texting and Driving Statistics”, n. d.). Moreover, one should take into account that, while texting and driving, the person may do harm not only to himself but also the passengers and fellow drivers and pedestrians. The negligent driver may cause the murder of innocent people. As a result, the person texting would have to pay for the car repair in the least, or may even get into the prison or die (Nemme & White, 2010)

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Even the most skillful drivers are trying to prove to people the danger of texting while driving by their example. In one of the experiments, Formula 1 pilot Mark Webber had to text a message on his phone and to pass a track on a Porsche (“Mark Webber - Texting While Driving”, 2015). Thus, one of the best drivers in the world had nearly crashed the car several times. Just realize that even the best driver cannot text and steer the car simultaneously. Of course, one should not consider himself/herself to be more competent that Formula 1 drivers. Neither should anyone rely on his/her luck. The chances are that the possible harmful outcomes will be horrible.

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However, society does not treat people, who text while driving as criminals, because they pay attention to the action rather than its consequences. Surely, texting cannot be interpreted as a desire to kill or to commit suicide, but the action is indeed criminal negligence. The recent survey had shown that the majority of people do not consider texting and talking on the phone while driving to be a serious offense (Harman, 2014).

On the other hand, sometimes the person should transmit information right away. However, one should weigh up whether urgent information costs his life and the lives of the others. In an urgent situation, the person should stop in the nearest parking and use his phone there to avoid the serious threat of texting and driving.

Texting While Driving Persuasive Essay Conclusion

Many surveys had evidenced the risks of texting while driving and proved that the person should limit his/her social interaction when driving. Otherwise, it can become his last journey and hurt innocent people.

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