Persuasive Message Example

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Introduction Example

A persuasive message is used as a means of convincing other people and putting across a personal standpoint or ideas. It is applied in academic, business and personal everyday life.

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Personal Experience

Writing persuasive documents provides substantial experience and requires immense skills. It also demands convincing power from individuals in order to persuade potential employers, customers, and academic groups. I have written persuasive documents like persuasive business letters, which has enabled the company to promote its products and services to attract customers. Persuasive writing has also offered me the opportunity to attract attention and persuade prospective employers especially when writing Curriculum Vitae and cover letters.

Ways of Using Persuasive Writing

I will use persuasive writing when presenting my research or project thesis to the group of academic panelists. This supports and helps in developing my career at the university. Also, I will use persuasive writing to present proposals to build both academic careers and develop my profession. When I have to put across an idea that concerns personal views such as debates on real-life issues, I will use this writing to deliver these ideas effectively. After school, I will be required to seek a job in various institutions. I will have to use convincing messages in order for prospective employers to select me over a large number of competitors. Curriculum Vitae and cover letters must be written in a language that persuades potential employers to consider prospective employees for a job and offer us specific terms of working.

Client's Review

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Challenges Experienced

However, there are many challenges that come as a result of writing for others to read and evaluate the message. Many of them might misinterpret my message because it is difficult to fit in somebody’s shoes. People differ in terms of attitude, feelings, views, and ambitions. For instance, managers may misinterpret a written message because they may see it as a threat to their business when requesting for better working terms. Also, it is difficult to understand ideas if I do not clearly explain it. For example, a professor or a panel may not get my idea if I do not explain it in detail due to time constraints.

Conclusion Example

When a persuasive message is strong and effectively delivered, it helps in raising self-esteem and giving confidence. This leads to the development of academic and professional careers as well as personal life to higher levels.

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