The Hope [Movie about Faith in God]

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Three Paragraph Persuasive Essay Example

The production’s main point is to persuade that God is a unique, supremely good and omnipotent being that frees every human from sins and death, and offers hope for today and tomorrow. This production is designed to be persuasive, i.e., to convince people of God’s fair nature, omnipotence, and ability to heal humanity of a deadly spiritual disease – sin. Moreover, the video directly urges the viewers to confess their need for forgiveness and allow God to direct their lives so that their deepest longings could be fulfilled and they could bring glory to God. This appeal corresponds precisely with the following definition: “Persuasion is the process of preparing and delivering messages through verbal and nonverbal symbols to individuals or groups in order to alter, strengthen, or maintain attitudes, beliefs, values, or behaviors” (Alban, 817).

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Further, according to the persuasive goals, this video requires action, i.e., “is about to bring actual change” (Alban, 818). The video urges the viewers to confess their need for forgiveness and allow God to direct their lives. In this respect, the persuasive aim is adoption, i.e., “urging the audience to adopt a particular idea or plan” (Alban, 807). This persuasive video makes profound use of propositions of value, claiming both explicitly and implicitly that it is immoral and foolish disobey God as Adam and Eve did when they ate an apple from the tree of knowledge. One more fact proving “The Hope” is persuasive is that its introduction captures the viewer’s attention by asking rhetorical questions like “What is God like if he exists?”, “Does he have a purpose for me in this world and behind it?”, and “How did it all come to being?”

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Last but not least, numerous emotional appeals make the production highly persuasive. “Emotional appeals have the power to elicit happiness, joy, pride, fear, anger, despair, hope, hopelessness, bitterness, etc.” (Alban, 809). The beautiful pictures of nature evoke feelings of joy, pride, and gratefulness for living in such a beautiful place created by God; the shots illustrating Jesus performing miracles make people feel both despair and hope; Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection evoke hopelessness, bitterness, and joy, respectively, as well as serve as the best example of Christian self-sacrifice. Finally, the video is imbued with emotionally charged words and phrases, like “great confusion and loss”, “deliverer of the divine proportion”, “horrible diseases”, “a deadly spiritual disease”, “mystery of world”, etc.

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