Persuasive Arguments: Logos, Pathos, and Ethos

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Persuasive Arguments

The goal of any speaker is to deliver a message to his/her audience. However, the message without arguments will not be heard. According to this fact, a speaker wants to make his/her speech persuasive, so that the audience believe him/her and perceive the speech seriously. To achieve this goal, a speaker uses such semantic devices as logos, ethos, and pathos. Their goal is to make the speech more contrast, vivid and argumentative. Each of these semantic devices is suitable for a certain situation, but a good speaker should know them all and be able to utilize them if it is necessary.

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Logos predetermines the usage of the reason that is an essential part of persuasive arguments. If a person does not provide reasons that explain the nature of his/her arguments, it is impossible to make the audience believe in a speaker’s speech. Ethos predetermines credibility and can be exemplified by an author’s character. In other words, using this technique of persuading, one should make listeners believe that he/she is someone worth listening to. Finally, pathos is used as an emotional appeal to the audience. This technique is used as a way to impact the emotions and feelings of an individual. In fact, it is one of the most efficient and strongest techniques used to persuade the audience.

Pathos can be adapted for advertising campaigns, and a user of this technique will be obviously successful in his or her persuasion. By appealing to people’s emotions and desires, one can make them buy certain products and services. Logos can be used in persuading children since they always need to know why they cannot or may not do something; thus, such an explanation will be useful in many situations. Ethos is a good semantic device that can be effectively used, for instance, between a boss and an employee.

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To conclude, there are lots of various techniques and stylistic devices that can make a speech persuasive. However, the above mentioned three devices – ethos, logos, and pathos – are the basis of a successful and persuasive argument. Therefore, an effective speaker should be able to utilize all of them, if necessary.

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