Benefits of Fitness Activities

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Fitness Essay Abstract Example

Everyone knows that being fit and slim is good and even beautiful. People who know the benefits of fitness and/or want to look great go in for sport. Some people want to live a healthy life, but they always find excuses, such as lack of time, tiredness, lack of money and so on. Unfortunately, none of them will ever admit that the only reason why they keep themselves away from active and healthy life is their laziness. Surprisingly or not, there is also a third type of people, who do not see anything negative in the sedentary lifestyle and are pleased with their appearance and health.

Fitness Essay Body Paragraphs Example

If someone questions the importance of fitness activity, he/she should stop doubting for several reasons. First and foremost, regular physical exercises improve a person’s health and prevent him or her from diseases. The second benefit of an active lifestyle is being able to control one’s weight. This relates to both the health and appearance of a person. In addition, sports activity provides a person with energy. In spite of the fact that a person consumes a lot of energy while doing sports, he or she feels vigorous, because the fitness activity supplies tissues with nutrients and oxygen (Sharkey 4). That makes the cardiovascular system work better and provides the organism with energy. Besides, regular fitness activity helps people to fall asleep faster and makes them asleep deep. One thing to remember is to not do fitness when it is time to go to bed. Doing sports before bedtime can disturb one’s sleep because of the surplus of energy.

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One of the greatest advantages of fitness activity among different people is high spirit. Fitness activity stimulates the chemicals of the brain, thus making a person feel better, happier and more relaxed. When a person goes in for sport regularly, he or she is more pleased with his or her appearance, and it is a great contribution to the person's good mood. Moreover, this can improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Sport activity is also fun. It can bring positive emotions and feelings. Besides, fitness helps people to forget about their problems. While training, people always concentrate only on exercises and pleasant music.

Another very important point about fitness activity is that it makes a person stronger. Physical strength is not the only thing, which is meant here, because it also concerns mental strength. Unfortunately, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to this, they eat unhealthy foods, because it is comfortable and they do not need to spend much time cooking. They may also consider such food to be tasty. Such a lifestyle leads to considerable problems with health and appearance. Luckily, everyone can decide whether he/she keeps destroying oneself and watches his or her life being grey and common or starts improving the situation, by engaging in fitness activity.

Fitness Essay Summary Example

To sum up, one should realize that fitness activity is a perfect way to gain strength, both mental and physical, become healthier, control one’s weight, be self-confident and have a good appearance, and, of course, have fun. It also should be mentioned that people who do fitness regularly feel better and live longer. Fitness can prevent some heart diseases, diabetes and even cancer (Corbin 53). Obviously, one should have no doubts as to whether he/she should engage in fitness activity. Everyone should choose comfortable training clothes, find some time to devote it to the sport, and start improving his or her health while having fun.

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