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Writing academic papers is definitely interesting. However, it is complicated as well. If you do not know what to start your Fredrick Douglas essay with, take a look at the top quality sample provided below:

The worst thing was that people were not allowed to study. The point was that education could give people considerable opportunities to improve their living standards. Unfortunately, well-educated slaves presented a threat to white people. Frederick gives a vivid example of how the husband of Sophia Auld was irritated about her teaching the alphabet. Some of the Frederick’s quotes became very popular. For instance, “If to give niggers an inch they will take an ell. Learning will spoil the best nigger in the world.”

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It was stated that educating slaves meant buying their freedom. Frederick had s deep desire to study to become free. He wanted to change his life completely. Surely, urban slaves were luckier. They did not have to spend all their time on the farm. They had some free time and could devote it to education. Moreover, they communicated with white people. Thus, they had a broader outlook than rural slaves. They could learn more interesting and useful things and just be involved in feeding animals and harvesting.

Furthermore, urban slaves possess great skills. Therefore, they could find decent jobs. However, the problem was that white people did not want to give them such freedom. When Frederick wanted to gain some professional qualification, he was attacked by white people. However, it did not stop him. He still managed to become an expert in his area and get a high salary. Urban slaves could form educational groups. It could help their friends receive education and change their lives. One of such organizations was the East Baltimore Mental Improvement Society. It helped free blacks start their lives in urban areas.

Another obstacle in the way of getting better life was the system of justice. Slaves faced a lot of difficult and unfair situations. A large number of them was attacked and their children were exploited. It ruined their plans to live a decent life. For example, there were no witnesses of the attack against Frederick even though his owner made charges of it. White did not want to testify against their friend who attacked indeed. Besides, the system was arranged in the way that it did not accept the testimony from black people against white. Thus, it was very hard for black people to protect their rights. Slaves were discriminated and oppressed by the justice system. According to the established rules, rich white people became richer while poor slaves became poorer and felt utter despair. They could not cope with the situation.

The narration written by Charles Ball describes the life of slaves. According to it, slaves worked on cotton plantations. However, they had to be young, healthy, and strong to be sold and moved to such areas. The owners of slaves knew they would earn a large amount of money when buying healthy slaves. However, if less work was done on the rice plantations, slaves were valued much lower.

Plantations differed from each other, especially in the amount of work that had to be done. Those slaves, who were supposed to work on large fields, were sold at more expensive prices than the others. Therefore, slaves were taken to the farms where there was a lot of work to do. Their working day was very long and exhausting. However, they had no right to become free. Slaves were very tired, but they did not have much time for rest. Their owners were afraid that those would plan something to oppose this terrible regime. Such working conditions were dreadful and slaves were not able to change anything. Charles Ball and Frederick Douglass were also among the salves who wanted to change their lives. The only way out was to escape to the north. In this way, they could be free. However, it was very complicated as they could have been killed. Therefore, a lot of slaves had to accept such situation. Nevertheless, those, who knew they would manage to escape, had a chance to change their lives for better.

If you want to write an exclusive Fredrick Douglas essay, you have to be well-aware of the subject. That is is why the afore-mentioned facts are of great importance to you. If you take then into consideration, you will definitely produce a superior work.

Students of different faculties write academic papers on various topics.  Learners of the faculty of History are often assigned to explore different historical events and phenomena when producing works. One the most popular assignment is preparing Fredrick Douglass essay. It is focused on the issue of slavery. Thus, if you have to do such a task, the sample presented below will be of great use to you.

Black people suffered a lot from being exploited and considered slaves in America. Slavery was the factor that made them live in poverty. It did not let them live better life. Charles Ball in “Fifty Years in Chains” and Fredrick Douglas in the “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” discuss this complex problem. They describe trials, oppression, and slaves’ sufferings in South America. They show how slavery has ruined people’s lives. The narration discusses how different places and slavery systems has influenced the lives of Charles Ball and Frederick Douglass.

Charles Ball and Fredrick Douglas were born in Maryland, South America. Once, slavery was abolished there. However, some time later, it was introduced again. It was very hard for children to live in this region. The problem was that the children, who were born by slaves, became slaves as well. It was a common thing at that time. Thus, it could be said that their future had been determined long before their birth. Every child, who was born in slavery areas, would face their parents’ fate. They would be forced to work on different plantations. Moreover, kids would be taken from their mothers not to see them again. In such situation, children experienced considerable stress. It influenced their psychological state greatly by convincing that there was nothing good in life.

The southern areas were terrible. They were known for an aggressive attitude towards slaves. That is why a lot of them tried to escape to the northern regions. The south was famous for its agricultural and farming activities. There were large plantations of cotton, tobacco, rice, and sugar. Thus, farmers counted on human labor. It resulted in a considerable demand for slaves, i.e. cheap workforce. Those slaves that were transferred to the south were not lucky. Slave trade was allowed in the majority of states. Besides, they worked hard, but get nothing instead. Their owners did not pay them at all.

All slaves were afraid to go to the south. They knew they would be treated brutally while working on plantations. In his narration, Frederick talks about Edward Covey. He was a poor farmer, but he beat slaves. The author described him as professional in “slave breaking”. He saw how his own aunt was whipped because she refused to work on the farm. Charles Ball describes another situation. He said that slaves were not even allowed to raise their heads when working on the cotton plantations. Thus, they could not even see who was passing by. It was so unfair. There were also other terrible problems that slaves faced. There was not enough food, clean clothes, and proper shelter. Everything was done to show that those people would be slaves for life. It did not matter whether they wanted to have a better life or not. Their destiny was to share the fate of their parents.


In the south, slaves could not change their lives. White people would not let them do it. They abused and humiliated slaves in different ways. One famous quote of Charles Ball says, “I saw that these poor people never raised their heads, to look at either beautiful horses and coaches then passing or at us; they just looked down the cotton plants, among which they were removing weeds. I almost shook at the sight of it, knowing that I was also treated cruelly, unless, by some occurrence, I might be transferred to the master who would not be so terrible than the one who possessed miserable little creatures before me”.

Slaves would prefer to be urban rather than rural slaves. The point was that urban slaves were treated better than rural. The difference was that rural slaves worked on plantations and urban in industrial centers. The salves in the urban areas brought all earned money to their owners. They worked in tobacco factories, flour mills, and iron foundries. They also loaded wagons and ships. Unfortunately, slaves could change their lives, as they had no money at all.

It should be noted that it is rather interesting to write Fredrick Douglass essay. One can learn a lot of interesting facts about that historical period. In case, some difficulties occur, you can always take the afore-mentioned information into account to understand what to start your paper with.

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