Narrative Essay Example About How I Was Lost in the Forest

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Last year, during the summer break, my friends and I decided to go for a walk in the forest. It was in this walk that I wanted to try game hunting. The forest was overgrown with thick growth and tall trees. Being an adventurous person made me yearn for the occasion not knowing what was going to happen to me. The forest had paths, and we decided that we would trek along the paths and converge at a central point to have a drink later. We parked our gears and left for the forest. We were dropped at the forest path and divided ourselves into groups of three. We had planned on meeting with the rest of the group after three hours. I had a partially charged phone, and a bottle of water. We continued on our way towards the deeper part of the forest until we were far from any recognizable trail. After two hours, we were in the deepest part of the forest, and we could not trace our other friends. As we went another mile, I never thought we were lost.


All of a sudden, a warthog came rushing along our path, and we all run in different directions. After running for about five minutes, I stood alone in a bush. I had no clue about my surroundings as I had never been there before. I shouted at my friends’ names loudly, but all was in vain: there was no reply, and the whole place was silent. I was confused and felt like crying as I realized I was alone with nothing to protect myself. With a lot of fear, I tried to trace the part where I had come from, but all was useless: I was lost.

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As I walked along the path trying to locate my friends, I realized that I was tired, and nothing was looking familiar. I was out of food, water, and barely had any battery in my phone. I stopped and sat on a log trying to figure out the direction I had come from. Looking at my watch I realized that the time had elapsed. I was perplexed and confused about the next step to take. I decided to walk through the bushes as the trees had grown so close together. I squeezed myself between the little trees while stumbling over rock piles. After some thirty minutes, it started raining heavily. Though I had heavy clothing, I was rained on until I was soaked up. I started freezing and praying to the almighty for protection and direction out of the forest.

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Being lost in the forest seemed like a tragedy to me, but it made me think outside the box by recalling various ways of making a signal to my colleagues. I decided to build a signal fire back up by collecting leaves and lighting them up for my friends to see the fire. Although it had been rained on, I was successful to light it. I was afraid of spending the night alone in the forest, and this made me think of ways of getting out of this place. I wondered what would have gone wrong as I had never had such kind of experience.

While sitting down and warming myself around the fire, I heard some distant noise. As the sounds got closer, I realized that those were my friends. I jumped with a lot of joy as tears filled my eyes because I knew I was safe. They shouted my name, and I replied very loudly knowing in my mind that I was saved.


While this had been a challenging experience, it is one that I will never forget. Regardless of the experience it was trickery, it showed me the importance of the use of the compass and markings while adventuring in the forest. I also realized that when you are not sure where you are going, it is hard to appreciate or enjoy where you are.