Narrative Essay Example About Childhood Phobia, Spider and Little Challenge

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As a child, I was quite afraid of height and tall buildings. I even feared to use elevators. Thus, I most often used stairs while visiting some malls, super markets or hospitals. Actually, it was not tiring for me to climb the stairs of tall buildings as I always considered myself as the most energetic boy in our class. However, it was still quite difficult for me to visit one tall building. It was our local library. I always liked to read different books about famous inventions, well-known people and so on. Thus, every month I needed to run to this library to get a new collection of books. Unfortunately for me, the library is located on the fifteenth floor of a huge commercial building. It was always a big challenge for me to climb fifteen floors to reach the library.


I remember that sometimes my father took me for a long drive and we used to travel through the different high bridges. It was probably the scariest experience for me. I used to close my eyes when I moved through the bridge. The members of my family found it quite funny to watch my red, scared face. My parents most often went on holidays only by car or train. At that moment I could not imagine myself traveling at a huge height by an airplane. As a child, I was quite afraid of going to the roof of our house whereas my friends used to play different games. It was quite interesting to play there, but my fear always made me avoid such activities. I often felt depressed because of this, but still could do nothing to overcome it.

During summer holidays, I liked to visit my grandfather, who lived in the countryside in a big farm house. He had lots of domestic animals and birds, which attracted my attention every time I visited the countryside. I have to say that I am a big animal lover. My grandpa often gave me some jobs like feeding his ducks and other animals. After a long day of work, I used to take a rest in grandpa’s old little drawing room. Once I was lying on the sofa and noticed a spider, which wanted to come down from the ceiling of the house. In order to do this, the little creature had to make a rope with spider silk. It took a spider about half an hour to come down to the floor and ran away happily. Actually, this small incident has opened my eyes. I felt ashamed for my phobia of height when I compared myself with a little spider.

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Therefore, I decided to start behaving as a strong, brave man. Even when I was crossing bridges, I looked down on the river through the bridge. If only I knew that it was more pleasant to look at it by my own eyes. Finally, when I moved to our town I started to use elevator, which was a bit scary for me. However, when I thought about that spider, I got lots of positive emotions. During my college life, I even decided to try bungy jumping to challenge my soul friend, the spider. Finally, I graduated from the university and decided to join a new course, which was also connected with a great height.


Now I am working for the British Airlines as a first officer or the second pilot. However, when I am flying my aircraft, I still remember about my childhood phobia, which turned to my passion.

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