A Terrifying Hiking Experience: Trapped in the Wilderness

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I am a big fan of hiking and always try my best to find time for this hobby. Last summer I went to visit my aunt who lives in a small cottage near the national park. The park is famous for its extremely beautiful landscapes that are filled with forests, small rivers and streams, rocks and relatively high mountains. I spent there almost a week that took off all my problems and troubles. I felt great as after a small breakfast with my aunt I usually went for a long walk to the park and when I returned we had a great lunch together and talked about many different things. In the evening I read books and my aunt chatted with her friends on the phone or watched TV. That was a very relaxing experience and I felt I was ready for the start of the new academic year. However, at the last day of my stay everything changed.

I closed the door of the house and went to the park. I wanted to spend a couple of hours more there and it was my way of saying good-bye to that beautiful landscape before returning to the city. I came to the small river whose banks are often quite rocky and sat on a large stone to admire the flow of the water. I made some photos with my phone and suddenly it slipped out of my hands and fell between the rocks. I was so shocked that I jumped on the stone to try and rescue my phone, but my movement was so brisk and awkward that my right foot went into the same thin crack between the rocks and stuck there. Moreover, I felt awful pain in my ankle as the sharp edges of the rock tore my socks and went deep into my skin.

The situation was terrible and I was so scared that I completely lost my ability to think and analyze. I was crying very loudly and trying to get my foot from the crack, but nothing happened. The pain got worse and it seemed to me that the rough edges of the rock tore my skin even more. When I understood that I was not even able to use my phone to call for help, my shock became so strong that I began losing my consciousness. I sat on the rock and exerted every effort to calm down, but I realized that I could not expect any help. I always used marked routes from the booklet of the national park, but this part of the territory did not attract visitors and I hardly saw anyone during my hiking. My aunt would not look for me as she knew I could be absent for a long time. She would get alert in the evening, but my pain was so terrible that I could not wait for such a long time. Awful and frightful thoughts came into my head and the sight of the blood on my ankle made my moods even worse. It was definitely the scariest moment in my life.

Suddenly I heard two people talking and laughing and when I turned my head, I saw two young men approaching me in the distance. I did not believe my eyes and started calling them as loud as I could. When they came, they understood everything immediately as they were national park officers and were trained to manage such problems. They freed my ankle and called for a special vehicle to take me to the hospital. Although a miraculous help came to me in the end, during that hour I realized that the scariest thing was to become helpless.