Bob Marley's music

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Useful Bob Marley's Music Essay Sample

If you attend music classes, one of your assignments may be writing a fascinating Bob Marley’s music essay. Do you need any handy tips on producing it? Consider the material presented below:

Bob Marley was born in 1945. He was a Jamaican musician. He is one of the most famous performers of reggae. Moreover, he helped support Rastafarian movement and spread Jamaican music all over the world. In his songs, he focused on a variety of topics such as love, peace, and freedom. By the way, his songs are also famous for covering some political issues and religious aspects of Rastafarian. It should be admitted that the themes of Rasta and politics are interconnected in his songs. Furthermore, his music is rather educative. It can help people understand their inner world and give some tips on how to deal with the problems of the society.

The music of Bob Marley also raises the question of protecting one’s own rights. His song “Get Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Rights” is considered an unofficial anthem of Amnesty International. In this song, Bob Marley shows that he supports all those who are oppressed by the system and want to defend their rights. He says that no one will protect their rights except themselves. This song is admired by the majority of people. It says that people should not lose their rights. They have to defend them as there is nothing to be shy about. It is also said that God will not come down from heaven to make people’s lives easier. That is why people have to do something on their own. They have to be strong-willed and fight for the things that belong to them, especially if it goes about their rights.

Some of his songs are devoted to peace and love only. When listening to his love songs, one can understand that they show the ways black people love each other. The song “Could you be loved” shows that everyone has freedom of speech and thought. It says that there is no restriction on loving each other. Thus, black people should express their feeling fully. Another Marley’s song “Is this love” discusses the feelings connected with love. The first couplet of this song shows that he is very caring.

There is one more song that is worth attention. “Redemption Song” talks about such important issue as freedom. It is necessary to note that this song is exclusive. The use of acoustic guitar makes it sound fantastic. If you listen to it, you will understand Marley’s message. He says that people should free themselves from any kind of slavery, especially mental. The singer makes it clear that all people’s problems are caused by their attitude towards particular things. We have to change ourselves. Then, everything will become understandable. Every person is able to achieve the set goals. The important thing is to have a strong desire to do it. However, someone may think that it is impossible. Marley, indeed, is a wise teacher. People, who understand it, may solve a lot of their problems.

To summarize, the songs of Bob Marley were focused mainly on the problems of black people. However, he called people of different races and cultures to unite and make peace. His songs were quite clear. Thus, people of different backgrounds understand them. Even today a lot of people admire Marley’s songs and find them superior.

Writing a Bob Marley’s music essay is not a common assignment. However, it is possible to produce an informative and impressive work taking the afore-mentioned facts into consideration