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Key Points of the Profession of a Registered Nurse


In every profession, individuals are guided by professional attributes and professional code of ethics to be able to deliver quality services that satisfy their clients. The attributes contribute towards ensuring a good relationship between the clients and the service providers. Therefore, it is important for individuals operating in a given field of specialty to understand the attributes associated with his/her career. In addition, specialists should consider professional attributes in day-to-day activities of their career. Nursing is one of the most significant fields of specialty where professional attributes must be put in place. Nursing covers a wide area of responsibility that is divided into many areas.

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Nurses handle different individuals from different age groups. To be able to act as required by the nurses’ professional guidelines, professional attributes are necessary for nursing practice. Therefore, it is important for all registered nurses to understand and utilize professional attributes. The professional attributes promote, maintain and establish therapeutic relationships between patients and nurses. There are many professional attributes related to the field of nursing. Nevertheless, the paper will focus on three attributes that a registered nurse should consider and put in practice in his/her career.

Maintaining Confidentiality: Accepting Accountability

Confidentiality refers to the level of secrecy when an individual can keep personal information regarding others without disclosing. On the other hand, accountability refers to the willingness and the ability to offer reliable information without a fail or exaggeration. A registered nurse is required to put the attribute of maintaining confidentiality throughout the activities of his/her practices. In the nursing practice, patients and their families, friends and neighbors are the most common clients. Disease can be external and internal. In many cases, patients do not feel comfortable to disclose detailed personal information to many people. Nevertheless, most of the personal information is important during treatment. Therefore, patients put their trust to the nursing personnel to uphold their information as confidential (Berman & Levett 2012).

To be able to uphold the information, a registered nurse is required to be accountable through accepting accountability. As a result, he/she will be able to maintain patients’ information as secret and only disclose what is necessary. In a society, many people interpret some diseases as caused by poor morals, curses just to mention but a few. Such diseases include sexually transmitted diseases. When a person suffers from these diseases, he or she is considered as unclean in the society. Treatment is a right of all individuals. A person has the right to acquire fair medical treatment without discrimination. To avoid poor treatment, individuals who suffer from diseases that are not positively taken in the society opt to keep far from hospitals and medical structures. It is the responsibility of registered nurses to ensure that they acquire public trust through maintaining confidentiality.

In addition, a registered nurse should ensure that he/she accepts accountability of his/her actions hence attracting all members of the society to modern treatment without fear of being exposed to other members of the society. In some communities, people who suffer from some diseases such as HIV/AIDS are referred to as a threat to the society. As a result, they are discriminated and mistreated in public places and to some extent, in personal life. Therefore, secrecy of information regarding these patients is essential. A registered nurse should make sure that he/she maintains confidentiality to prevent these individuals from suffering.

As seen in the above explanation, professional attributes promote, establish and maintain the relationship between nurses and patients. A patient will feel comfortable having the knowledge that a nurse maintains his or her confidential reports. With the assertion that no leakage or exposure of information will be there, many people in the society, especially the youths will feel free to discuss personal challenges to the nurses. The youth is a group of people that are faced with many challenges.

The challenges range from health and diseases to other challenges in life. When assured of confidentiality of their information, the youths are able to offer ample information that assists the nurses to help them deal with their challenges. However, there is some information that, when held as a secret, can lead to ruining of a person’s life or affecting the life of other in the society. For instance, if a person is intending to commit suicide or has plans of committing a crime (Radcliffe 2000). In such cases, the nurse should accept accountability and report the patient to the authority. It will promote the authority to act and prevent the occurrence of the crime. As a result, other patients will feel that their wellbeing is considered, and thus, they can maintain a therapeutic relationship.

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Use of Communication Skills Appropriate to the Client

Communication refers to the mode of conveying information from one person to another. It is an attribute that is important in all fields of specialty. Success in every career is acquired through effective communication. The nursing profession is not an exception. For a nurse to be successful in his or her job, he/she is required to use communication skills that are appropriate to the clients. They include verbal, non-verbal, sign language, written language just to mention but a few. A registered nurse encounters different clients during his or her practice. The clients have a mode of communication that he/she prefers over the others. Therefore, it is important for all registered nurses to be conversant with all communication skills to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship with clients. There are different communication techniques that can be used to ensure effective communication. In complicated cases, a nurse can combine two or more techniques to maintain efficiency (Berman et al. 2012).

Different groups of people prefer different modes of communication. Therefore, it is important for a registered nurse to identify the age bracket of his or her client to be able to apply the communication skills that are appropriate. The youth refers to a particular age group ranging from the age of twenty years to thirty-five years. Most of the individuals in the age set are students in colleges and higher learning institutions. However, they are fond of using informal communication aids that go along with the use of demonstration and signs. In practice, it is important for a nurse to realize that it is the most appropriate mode of communication while addressing the youth.

Therefore, the nurses should understand the communication techniques and make sure to use it while handling clients within the same age bracket. Conversely, there are some people within the same age bracket that are faced with different challenges and disabilities. This is the case when a nurse deals with deaf or blind individuals, or people with other physical disabilities. A registered nurse should understand the communication skills that are appropriate for these clients. It will ensure that the nurse and the clients are able to communicate in an effective way without failure.

Professional attributes are important for a registered nurse. They assist in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the clients. Effective communication acquired from the use of communication skills that are appropriate to the clients creates a therapeutic bond between a patient and a nurse. Any time that a patient is able to communicate with a nurse without difficulties, the therapeutic relationship grows since the patient feels that the nurse understands his or her problem and will be able to assist him/her in a better way. On the other hand, without effective communication, the patient feels that he or she cannot get any important assistance from the nurse.

Therefore, use of communication skills that are appropriate for patients promote effective communication hence ensuring there is a therapeutic relationship maintained. As time changes, communication techniques change, as well. It is brought about by technology advancement (Tollefson 2012). Therefore, it is important for all registered nurses to keep updating themselves on different communication skills and techniques as effective communication assists in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with patients. Good relationship can only be achieved through the use of communication skills that are appropriate for the patients, their families, friends and neighbors.

Interacting in a Supportive Manner

The basic duty of nurses is to promote health. Promotion of health involves interacting with the general public, patients and other medical personnel to ensure that people live well, eat well, maintain hygiene to minimize infections. To be capable of offering effective amenities to the general public, a nurse is required to adopt effective interaction skills. He or she needs to interact with other members of the society in a way that a trait of support is outlined from the interaction. That way, the nurse, will be able to negotiate with the members of the general public on different issues regarding health. Interacting in a supportive manner is an attribute that assists in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with patients. Most of the clients that a nurse has are sick people who require support (McIlwraith & Madden 2014).

They can acquire support from family members and neighbors. The support of medical personnel is one of the most significant issues that contribute towards the recovery of different patients. Patients have faith in nurses. They believe that their knowledge and experience are enough to help them recover. As a result, the interaction between them and nurses is important for their recovery. Therefore, nurses should interact in a supportive manner with patients. The patients require little support from the nurses. The support includes guidance and counseling, encouragement, aspiration and physical assistance in doing the things that they are not able to do. When a nurse interacts with a patient in a supportive manner, the therapeutic relationship grows between the two.

In contrast, when a patient does not obtain the support from the nurse during interaction, he/she cannot trust the nurse, which leads to a poor therapeutic relationship. Friends and family members of the patient are always interested in finding out the medical problem that is a disturbing one of their own. They depend on the data that they can acquire from nurses to understand the state and the fate of the patient. During the period, it is a professional attribute that requires a nurse to interact with them in a supportive manner. Support from nurses brings hope to family members and friends who later reflect it to the patient. When a patient finds out that a nurse is offering support to his/her friends and family members, he develops trust and hence establishes and maintains a therapeutic relationship. Professional attributes are important for a registered nurse. The youth acts on ignorance, as well as influence (Chin 2008).

They require nurses to interact in a supportive manner when they are sick or one of them is hospitalized. Interacting in a supportive manner offers hope and understanding to the youth hence promoting quick recovery and development of positive atmosphere. Interacting in a supportive manner is a professional attribute that a registered nurse must possess. A therapeutic relationship between a nurse or his/her client is important. Since interacting in a supportive manner establishes and maintains a therapeutic relationship, the registered nurses are left with no option than to study, understand and practice interacting in a supportive manner during practice.


In conclusion, all nurses should make sure that they study professional attributes that are related to their field of specialty. It is also vital to recognize how the attributes apply in different age groups. Therapeutic relationship is essential for all nurses during professional practices. Therefore, nurses should work hard to make sure that they establish and maintain the relationships with their clients. Maintaining the therapeutic relationship will make nursing work easier and promote the basic duty of nursing that is healthy life style. Patients and confidentiality should be maintained to promote the therapeutic relationship. Good communication skills promote health since they create a clear understanding between patients and the nursing team. Moreover, the nursing practice should be found on interacting with a supportive so as to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship as an important professional attribute for a registered nurse.

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