Nursing Essay Example on My Career in Nursing

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My Career in Nursing Outline Example

Thesis Statement

Advancing my career in nursing to a registered nurse will create personal satisfaction, and it will assist me in giving back to the society.

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Paragraph 1

This section contains an introduction about reasons for deciding to pursue nursing as a career and some of the goals that led to the choice. It also includes my life’s mission as a nurse and its use to the society. At the end, I have outlined a thesis statement that guides the entire discussion.

Paragraph 2

It provides a background check on my career as an LNP at an Ambulatory Surgical Center. It gives childhood dreams and ambitions of becoming a nurse leading to employment as an LNP. At the end, it outlines my goal to become an RN.

Paragraph 3

This section provides a discussion on the differences between an LNP and an RN. This involves the advantages of career advancement from an LNP to an RN.

Paragraph 4

This is the last paragraph, and it gives the advantages of taking the Associate Nursing Degree which will result in acquiring an RN license. It also shows how this will assist in achieving my goals and mission in life.

My Career in Nursing Essay Example

The moment of choosing a career path is decisive in person’s life. It has a strong influence on a person’s entire life; moreover, it defines the primary lines of personal correlation with the world. One should choose a career path that is a source of happiness. It should be the work a person likes to do. My choice to seek a career in nursing involved a process of deep thought and consideration. I always enjoyed assisting other people as my role in strengthening the society. I believe that assisting others creates personal satisfaction and enhances the quality of lives of people. In this paper, I will discuss my life’s mission and goals, and how college education will assist in the achievement of the goals. Advancing my career in nursing to a registered nurse will create personal satisfaction, and it will assist me in giving back to the society.

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Nursing is a calling as it involves making sacrifices assisting other people. In the society, nurses may not be seen as the pillar of the health care system, but they are the people who support doctors and patients in and outside healthcare facilities. As a child, I had a goal of becoming an instrumental person in the society. From an early age, I experienced the tender care accorded by nurses whenever I was ill. I had a desire to grow up and become able to assist other people and improve their lives. I devoted my time and life as a preoperative nurse in an Ambulatory Surgical Center for 13 years. Life is about achieving goals and setting up new goals. Becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN) was an achievement. However, I felt that there was more to learn in the nursing field that would enhance my skills and quality of service. I developed another goal, where I aspired to learn and develop my career. The ultimate mission to this goal was to become a registered nurse (RN).

In a health care facility, a registered and a licensed practical nurses conduct similar duties, but a licensed practical nurse has some limitations. For instance, both can take and record a patient’s blood pressure and vital signs, but a registered nurse can also perform advanced duties, such as intravenous administration of medications. In addition, a practical licensed nurse must be supervised by a registered nurse. Although I have 13 years’ experience as an LPN, my academic qualifications limit the duties which I can conduct. The wages of a licensed practical nurse are lower than those of a registered nurse. The RNs are also in higher demand than the LPNs. As a registered nurse, one has more career advancement opportunities than a licensed practical nurse. An RN can complete various certifications in given fields and specialize. They can also apply for a master’s degree that will allow them to become nurse practitioners, assuming extra patient care duties. A registered nurse has opportunities of taking up administrative duties.

Enrolling for the Associate Nursing Degree will enable me to obtain a registered nurse license. This will create extra working and career advancement opportunities. In my career advancement, I would like to take up management or administrative roles. Obtaining an RN license is a step towards that goal. In addition, the associate degree, enhanced by the 13 years’ work experience as an LPN, will create opportunities for career progress. This will also enable me to combine health care and management. It will also create the opportunity of working as a team leader since, as an RN, I can supervise the LPNs. This will enable me to achieve my goals of assisting in the improvement of people’s quality of life, giving back to the community and advancing in my career. It will also enhance my mission in the field of health care.

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