Nursing Essay Example on Contemporary Nurse and Mental Health

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1. What obligations does a contemporary nurse have with regards to health care and Medicare ethics?

Being a professional nurse means to be a registered nurse with equitable skills, experience, and expertise. Professional nurses represent specifics institutions and are required to act in good faith to own up to their reputation and perform duties that represent ethics. In addition to ethics and morals, it is not the duty of the public that is served by these professionals to take up liabilities caused by their negligence. In this case, it is the duty of the professionals to act according to health care policies of the institution and the best common practice.

However, professional nurses are humans like the patients they are supposed to care and are prone to make mistakes, especially in challenging situations. Honest mistakes are some of the unavoidable challenges that professionals clash with, and which result to uncertainties. In this case, a nurse’s duty is to preserve life and make the life of any patient as comfortable as it is possible. The nurses have to go through the ethical obligation that.

2. Technological advancement in medicine has transformed the way nurses do their work. How this change has been beneficial to health care management in the specific terms?

The healthcare sector is among the sectors that require competency in terms of management, supervision, handling of various tasks, decision-making, planning, organizing and resolving issues that affect an institution. Through the ethics of the workplace, healthcare institutions provide equal opportunities to all people with the tool of measurement of their skill sets and experiences. Through the challenges of management that are witnessed in the healthcare institutions, an considerable employee has primarily to be equipped with sufficiently diversified skills for promotion in any field related to management. These, have the base requirements of sound communication skills and literacy in computer applications. In the digital era, the traditional care units that used to be present in healthcare facilities are slowly being replaced by technological systems, hence, the necessity of this skill. With reference to a management, technology creates individuals who are sufficiently equipped with skills, and one whose efficacy is non-affected by emerging new trends.

3. While healthcare is an economic problem that has been bothering various households, how nursing incorporate skills are necessary to handle mental health?

In a healthcare setting, which addresses the issues of chronic mental diseases for adults, special nursing expertise is required in terms of education and tolerance through ethics of healthcare. However, mental diseases can be managed within a right mental health nursing set up. This set up requires the application of logic, knowledge, judgment, and ethics in order to manage a patient well. In various nursing situations, this has been identified as a trending issue upon which various nurses have sought insight on.

Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nursing is a specialty that involves the study of human anatomy in terms of psychosocial aspects. This career path involves the studying of human psychology in terms of response of the human brain in normal conditions and suffering from an illness. For adult mental patients to be treated of chronic diseases, the psychological requirement of this nursing specialty enables the nurse to have a level of understanding that makes him/her apply empathy into the practical application. In a healthcare setting, the nurse is in his/her clear mental status, while the patient is in pain and state of altered mental functionality; this requires the application of understanding and empathy acquired in psychology course.

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Psychiatric health nursing is a specialty that not only applies theoretical educational knowledge, but also requires practical application and observation of real handling of patients. Through the psychological course that nursing students must undergo, a nurse is supposed by training in the medication handling. Medication is the only relief of pain and tool for disease management that nurses use in the most chronic situations. In this case, a nurse is supposed to learn physician basics in order to be conversant with consequences of negligence in terms of administering drug intake of a patient.

In real terms, one has to develop interest for dealing with aged people if he/she is interested in pursuing a career in mental health nursing. It happens because in many settings adults develop chronic mental illnesses and handle such cases, one should have a positive attitude around adults within a community care setting (Royer, 2008). Hypothetically, to develop the specialty of mental health nursing, one should be focused only on putting his/her interests last after those of the patients. This is because mental illnesses, especially chronic conditions, require the nurse to function mentally well for the patient and him/herself.

Organizational and clinical funding is influenced positively by economic rationalization of healthcare in three ways; social, medical, and technological. First is to increase the efficiency of the healthcare through funding requires goals; some of these goals involve social aspects of making healthcare facilities accessible to the underprivileged. Secondly, medical terms involve the supply of free or affordable drugs to the communities in need; this means that the privatization of clinics and organizations for profit goals is influenced positively to lower drug and service prices. Lastly, funding increases the affordability of technological solutions to the facility. This means that mental health clinics can have the necessary technology required for effective management of psychiatric illnesses.

In terms of consumer requirements, the number of adults suffering from chronic mental diseases has been increasing steadily for the last 2 decades. On the other hand, the most confusing is that the people who are supposed to take care of these mentally unwell adults keep dropping every year. With the economic crises and inflation, most people cut down on spending to afford healthcare and basic needs for their children; this fact limits the amount of financial support directed to adult care. In this case, the psychiatric health nursing in the community provides an opportunity to the consumers to access affordable or free medical care with regards to government clinical funding.


Nursing, in general, is a basic need for present and future patients. Healthy people cannot be comfortable if nursing was scrapped out of the face of medicine. In this case, being a natural basic need, mental health nursing is a secondary basic need for adults and the aging people in the community. Within the constraints of family responsibilities, people whose work is to sit back and babysit mentally unstable persons cannot develop the society. In this case, mental health nursing assumes its value from the predictive economic catastrophe that can exist if the active young sat back to care for the inactive mentally ill adults.

In recruitment, individuals deemed as qualified candidates for mental health nursing must have experience in nursing through internship or profession. This way, college graduates eligible for this specialty have to combine the college education experience with practical experience attained from an actual nursing center or community based healthcare setting. With regards to individuality, a requirement in nursing, mental health nursing fosters voluntary retention of retiring nurses in order to serve and establish strong medical relationships with their patients.

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