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Nursing Essay Example on Future of Healthcare System and Nurses


The special report issued in 2010 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) is considered as one of the most influential documents ever issued in the 21st century by the healthcare institutions. The report known as “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” clearly indicates the importance of higher education and further training for nurses on a regular basis in order to show high performing results in dynamic working surroundings that they are about to enter. Thereafter, by issuing this report, the IOM had a massive impact on the nursing profession. The paper will discuss how nurses could become full partners with physicians and providers in redesigning healthcare.

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The message about the fact that nurses must be full partners with physicians and help in the reconstruction of the healthcare system in the United States was included as the third one in a short list of key messages in the report. This means that there should be a shift on how nurses should see their main responsibilities with patients and their co-workers as it is a key to success. The report also emphasizes the importance of higher education for the nurses or at least further training and courses. Such aspect is very important since by learning more, nurses can become full partners with physicians as their knowledge would extend and relationships would be build on mutual cooperation with one another. Nurses know what to do in many situations, but they cannot make a major shift alone, which is the reason why they need to be close partners with physicians. The collaborative work is very important for healthcare workers as, according to the World Health Organization, it helps to deliver services that are more effective in healthcare.

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Being full partners means sharing the responsibility and identifying the areas and problems that require immediate solutions, i.e. implementing and reviewing the improvement plans, making proper and important adjustments that would help to make the healthcare system better, more reliable, and more efficient. How nurses can do it? They must become leaders and participate in decision-making processes, be engaged in healthcare reforms and actively serve on advisory boards that are designed to help the patient care.

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In my opinion, ‘redesign’ is related to the change of a nursing role in the healthcare system and presumes leadership initiatives. It is more related to the shift that has to take place in the healthcare industry with relation to the improvement of the patient’s needs. Nurses must get appropriate education so that they would be able to handle multiple healthcare areas and help to establish a patient-centered healthcare system, which is part of the future health reform and cost-reduction programs. Safety and error reduction are the key priorities of healthcare industry and nurses should become the main executors in the fight for improvements. The importance of leadership development among nurses is significant as nurse leaders and educators are the one, who could facilitate changes, support others in overcoming the difficulties, and help to implement the cultural improvements.


The specific terms and actions that nurse can take to redesign the healthcare system are related to development of certain types of skills that would help them to become good team leaders and patient advocates. Nurses must elevate their skills and knowledge that would help to make the redesign successful. Specifically, the development of leadership skills must be taken into consideration as the main step to be learned and mastered in time. Moreover, the next steps would be related to the continuation of self-education and self-development that would emphasize the leadership skills. In order to change the healthcare system, I need to take the full responsibility for my actions as a nurse and work on my professional growth development and improvement of leadership skills to be able to exercise my competencies and add much value across all care settings.

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