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Operations Management

Operations management is a transformational process of such inputs as resources, labor force, and energy into outputs. This sphere of management is essential for any organization, especially for the ones that operate at a global level. The main components of operational management involve: business planning, capacity management, scheduling, corporate strategy and strategic management. It is highly important for any organization to develop vision and mission that would comply with operation management tactics to be able to compete with other global organizations.

Before the emergence of the operation management theory, organization focused more on enhancing labor force and increasing workers productivity. However, the ignorance of managing human resources and excess focus on task accomplishment did not provide significant results. Thus, the evolution of the production system has given a rise to enterprise resource planning and operations management. The final outcomes of this development included the necessity to meet clients’ demand and deliver high-quality goods and services.

Further analysis of operations management refers to the definition and components. Specifically, the researchers define the area as the one that contributes to the company’s greater flexibility and readiness to changes. Capacity management is also essential for managing external challenges, such as rigid competition in the global market place. As per business planning, the emphasis has been placed on the development of new solutions to adjusting resources flow to such elements as geographic location, time, and terms of delivery.

The best practices in operations management are represented through such famous companies as American Express and Ford Company. These global producers of goods and services attain much importance to the quality of goods through the organization of supply chain management. With regards to these examples, operations management plays an important role in sustaining a competitive advantage. This is of particular concern to cultural, political, and social dimensions.

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